Hello world!

so, this Blog…..it is going to be about what I have learned and what I am still learning about life, love and the pursuit!  the pursuit of what??? Well, that is up to you! Whatever you are pursuing! For me, that is my relationship with the Creator of Everything, who better to pursue right? I mean let’s REALLY take a sec to think about it….  If God did create it all, everything, everyone, ALL things, then why would we waste our time reading, listening or seeking anything else. You may think that is a “little much”…..but is it??…. I mean seriously… I spent 31 years of my life pursing EVERYTHING else, money, popularity, FUN, success, love, friendship, the right parties, the right clothes, the right job, I was literally bouncing around looking for something, but I had no idea I was looking for anything, I just thought it was life……. I would talk about it a lot, “the meaning of life” I would say to my friend on the porch “is this it, is this what we are suppose to be doing???”…I am not going to lie, it was fun, BUT it never satisfied me. I always thought there must be more—– or something I am missing in life??? So at 29 I decided it was time for a change.. I knew there was more to life and I thought I was just in the wrong location, so I moved to Atlanta- just thought it would be cool- nothing much more than that…… After I found the most perfect place to live in the most perfect trendy area, I was invited to all the most fancy of events in town and met a lot of  “mover and shaker” types – cool people–smart– trendy– I found myself heartbroken just 4 months later, ALL ALONE crying in my bed. Crying out to a God???? Please understand, God was this big person in the sky who was busy dealing with MUCH bigger issues than my little life…. I believed in Him, if you would have asked me, but that was about it… I didn’t even know, but I was SO alone, I had no one else to cry too… so what the heck….

That is when it all started….. my relationship with God… everything started to change…. everything… it has been 5 years… it took me about 2 years of exploring around to really start to understand and Love who God really was, but that faithful day in my loft in Midtown, in my bed, crying so hard I could hardly breathe, God answered me…. “I am right here”….

3 Comments on “Hello world!

  1. Lindsay!!!!
    Awesome Site!

    MAybe you could teach me a thing or 2 about the big man upstairs?!

  2. Teach me some spirituality.
    I know you can. You contact me at the “strangest times” By tht I mean…..When I am consiously thinking about something related to you or going through something that you identify within a dream you had the night before…Wierd huh?.

  3. Lets get cracking !!!!Let me know how I can really get active and get back to contributing to Haiti! Lets build them a farm. Lets get them to work and get that economy going. From there, from that leverage, we can accomplish anything. Lets stop giving and start building.

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