Another Day on the Journey

Easter Sunday… as a kid I never really understood what Easter was all about, don’t get me wrong I LOVED waking up on Easter Sunday getting all dressed up with my cousin in our fancy dresses and our super precious hats and even little white gloves, uhm yeah, we were pretty cute…… I loved looking for my Easter basket not only at my house, but then over to grams to find Easter eggs and more presents. We were very fortunate kids… but I have to say I didn’t really understand what the holiday was exactly, not for lack of being told, I remember the story books, coloring activities at church, I am sure my family told me, but if I am being honest, I found myself in church just three years ago thinking, “wait Jesus was real, this really happened”– for some reason I honestly thought it was a fairy tail, a nice church story, but I never thought of it like actually “history”…..

3 years ago on Easter, I heard the story told again, so compelling, how there are 40 different authors that contributed to the Bible. I didn’t know that…. How it all correlates, even though written by different people, I am not going to “explain” it like Pastor Andy did back in 2008, but it was undeniable at that point. I finally saw it; it finally made sense beyond explanation. The pastor (still my pastor today) led the church in a prayer, he then asked, if you prayed this prayer for the first time today to give your life to Jesus stand up, I DID NOT WANT TO STAND UP, I was in the back by myself, but I felt this overwhelming feeling and I just stood up. The crowd clapped—there were lots of us that they were clapping for, I felt a little funny and then as I left this nice man behind me said “Congratulations” I thought to myself “for what”…… Well three years later I can tell you that it was the most significant decision I have ever made in my life, as I have studied and learned more about the character of God through the Bible and first hand experienced His undeniable work in my heart and my life. I can now see this moment in history for what is really was, God sending His son down to pay for ALL of our sins on the cross, it sounds weird, but the more I learn about it and the more of God’s love I experience, it is not weird at all, it is incredible and amazing. I am reading the Old Testament of the Bible and it talks all about the sacrifices that were made for sins of people like us BEFORE Jesus, who knew, it is crazy. All I know is as I was reading it I literally thought to myself, Thank goodness; I was born after Jesus came because I surly would have messed up all the rules and regulations the folks of the Old Testament had to deal with… whoa….
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