all the people

Sitting in a starbucks with my computer, internet on, facebook up, twitter feed going, water and sandwich to my left, phone in my bag and a window to my world right in front of me. Seated in a VERY comfy chair with air conditioning blowing AND sun beaming in through the big window, watching all the people passing by, different colors, different shapes and sizes, busy and relaxed, tired and energized, people literally from every walk. All so BLESSED no matter what their current suffering might be. I am pretty sure I am going to get a swift kick of perspective leaving for what most would say is the poorest country in the world on Friday. I use to wonder how to make sense of it all, the rich vs. the POOR but my perspective was so small, maybe it started in elementary school, the kids who didn’t have money for lunch and the kids who were dressed to the nine’s… I just remember wondering ‘WHY” … I am afraid I will wonder the same thing when I get to Haiti just a short plane ride from Miami, so close geographically yet such DIFFERENT problems from us, well from what I hear…. I have not seen with my own eyes…. Anyway…. My heart is heavy as I head that way… not sure what to expect, not sure I will be able to handle the labor ahead, not sure if I will be able to handle the heat those people live in all year around, not sure what next week brings… but I know the Lord is with me, I trust Him, yes because the Bible says too but also because there is no one else to trust with all of life…..of course we trust our families and friends but we are all broken people and will make mistakes and disappoint each other….… I am putting all my Hope in the One who rose from the dead, the one who is still being talked about 2,000 years after His death, the One who some think was just a Jewish carpenter.  See that doesn’t make sense to me anymore, why would anyone STILL talk about a Jewish carpenter from 2,000 years ago unless He was real…. Unless people experienced Him first hand and that is why He (Jesus) has carried on through generations….So that is what started me on my search for the TRUTH…. That question right there, why are people still talking about a Jewish carpenter  from 2,000 years ago…..I decided to look into the Bible myself, rather than listen to everyone around me, I thought it made sense to check it out for myself, study it and see just what happens…. And it was amazing what did…

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