before Haiti….

This is the blog post I wrote for our team blog while in Haiti, I wrote our first blog for the trip, so if you want to see how the week ended up use this link…. . Blessings.. Lindsay

July 7, 2011
for such a time as this……
For some getting on the plane will be where it starts, for some the moment we get off the plane in Haiti the emotions begin, but to be honest the emotion started for me a couple weeks back..… don’t misunderstand, God has shown up in the MOST unbelievable ways, but as the trip drew closer, the “things” I had to get done weighed heavier on my mind, the endless shopping trips, the shots, the pills, the calls to the insurance company, the constant checking of my “fundraising page” then the LIST (packing list that is—did I mention 3 pages) the whole thing just about overwhelmed me… I think getting on the Marta (subway system) tomorrow morning at 5:15am to head to the airport (ps I am not a morning person) will be the BIGGEST relief and sense of excitement I can imagine…… I cannot EVEN wait…I cannot wait for the preparation to be over and for all that we have prepared for to be HERE… It is what I imagine a wedding is like…. Take note: I am on the “Buckhead Single Leaders Trip” so I have not yet experienced this, a wedding, but I imagine this time of preparation is what it would feel like, the closer the big day gets the more stressful life seems to get, but that day will come and go pretty fast with so many memories and wonderful moments of celebration…. Much like I think this trip will be. I imagine when it is time to return home, as happy as we will be to come back to the homeland, we will look back and think:
What was I so stressed about before the trip?
I can’t believe it is over….
But then we will look forward to what God has next for the season ahead…. As I write this I think about the day when Jesus returns, we (His people) are in a time of preparation right now… life as we all know can get overwhelming and stressful at times, but just like a wedding or a trip such as this, when that day comes, we will probably be filled with the same relief and excitement as we will be ready for the next season in eternity with Jesus…. So with all that said, I can’t wait for you to follow our team on this journey as we follow His lead … each day you will hear from a different team member… there are 9 of us standing strong and we will be blogging every day for the next 9 days… so follow us… pray for us and our Haitian friends (we would greatly appreciate that)… and watch what our amazing Heavenly Father does while we are in Haiti……
Oh ps….. if you are a tweeter, follow us @GlobalxHaiti on twitter, our fearless leader Chris Woodruff will be updating often!
In His Love,
Lindsay Morgan Snyder

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