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This is all a little strange.

If you could see me now, you would shake your head in confusion, you may laugh and say to yourself, what on earth is she doing?

It’s more like a strange dream than a vacation. As I sit and type this to you, I see Ketchikan Alaska to my right, it’s not bad, just different. Different than where I ever thought I would be.

We all have our list, you know “the travel wish list” and this wasn’t on mine. Of course I am extra interested in all the workers on board, seeing they are from the Philippines and India. I just want to talk to them, hear their stories, go with them to visit their countries. I think they think I am strange.

It’s ok to be strange. (smile)

Don’t get me wrong, I am grateful, I am just slightly confused why I am here. I am snickering as I write this, it’s just funny. A fish out of water, no pun intended.

I have eaten a lot. I am really full as I sit here and wait on my biscuits and gravy.

You may wonder why I am here and what the point of this blog is, good question.

I am learning about visual storytelling! It’s something that seems easy, but there is a lot to it, it’s an art all of it’s own!

The conference is small and the teachers are brilliant! They are Hollywood people! Like the real kind. It’s crazy! They also love Jesus, which of course I think is awesome!

The others at the conference are way ahead of me in the art of “screenwriting”- I just came to check it out! My new friends have pilots written, screenplays even. As for me, I just enjoy being the dumbest person in the room, you learn best that way!

We have been talking a lot about THEME, plot and characters.

And the theme of this trip seems to be TRUST. I keep coming back to TRUST.

Throughout the week God keeps asking me if I trust Him?

Me: “Yes Lord, I do!” I repeatedly clamor!

As the next thought that zips across my brain is “what on earth am I doing here? Have I totally lost my marbles?”

Again His response to me: “Do you trust me Lindsay?”

As I look over my journal from the past few days, I find empty pages with a date at the top and then the words: “I have no idea”

To be honest, I am starting to think this “no idea” part is exactly where God wants me.

Nothing, not even one thing seems to “make sense”.

Suddenly I was reminded to take a sip of my own medicine, “read your own blog Lindsay” I heard in my head. Let go of the need to know. Trust the Lord with all of your heart, lean not on your own understanding, let Him write the next scene of your life”

It’s all a little too ironic.

I reminded myself again, He (GOD) created the universe, the glaciers I saw, the ocean I am floating around in, He created all of it.

I “randomly” opened my Bible over coffee yesterday morning and saw this in Psalm 97 (verse 3) For the Lord is a great God, a great King above all gods. The depths of the earth are in His hand, and the mountain peaks are His. (I saw some of His mountain peaks, they indeed are incredible) it goes on to say: The sea is His, He made it, His hands formed the dry land.

Ya’all THAT’S crazy.

God who created it all, loves us, cares about what we care about, cries with us when we cry.

Don’t let the world steal that from you, it’s a big deal, the Bible says, draw near to God and He will draw near to you!

This cruise, this screenwriting stuff, it’s all kind of irrelevant if I am being really honest with myself, especially compared to the LOVE of the One who created love.

We wouldn’t even know what LOVE was if it were not for Him.

I have put my identity in plenty of things over the past 36 years. I refuse to do it again, it isn’t about what I may or may not accomplish in my writing, on this cruise, in this lifetime. It is about the hard to understand, but ever present LOVE of the One who created me, and YOU.

That’s it, that’s all I really know! That and the fact that every town in Alaska looks like an episode of Northern Exposure!

I had to post this quick, internet is .75 cents a minute.. so excuse any mistakes…


3 Comments on “Blog from Alaska- THEME TRUST

  1. That you continue to listen for God in all you do, and are open for the answers not to be obvious and immediate is so refreshing. Reading some of the blogs of believers who are pursuing writing careers…I don’t see that…even have not done it myself before…creates a desire to ask if they truly would like to be prayed with, if they really want to reach their goals. Often I see lots of ruminating on the process, some standard whining, shout out to God, see ya type things. ^_^

    Your posts are so honest and open, so inspiring too. The categories you chose make me smile coz I’m reading this and thinking, “She has got things together, she is keeping active, she is thinking out loud about God…AND sharing all this with the rest of the world. How awesome is that?”

    It’s never “random”, is it? (Opening the Bible). Thank you for sharing what God gives you. Praying for safe travels for you. Already sense that you’re having a positive experience.

  2. You’re one of those people who makes me smile, Roomie. Can’t wait to see what story God shakes out of you!

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