God IS with us!

There is just something about an airport that is very special for God and I.

For many reasons actually but one especially, as it was on an airplane when my sin first flashed across the screen of my mind 6 years ago. I was crying so hard, snot was running everywhere, as God Himself was showing me my need for Jesus.

When I traveled over to Thailand last year, the strangest thing kept happening, flight after flight packed full, somehow a seat would always end up empty right beside me.

I remember being on Asia Air after 4 airplane rides, a lost passport and a night alone in Japan, I was tired and slightly emotional to say the least. I boarded the plane, just thankful I had made it that far. As they closed the door, I looked beside me and smiled as the seat next to me was again empty and I just knew it was God! It was God reminding me that He was indeed with me! I couldn’t stop smiling that whole leg of the trip. I had not really thought about that trip in months.

Until last week as I arrived at the airport on my way to a really great event, I suddenly felt overcome with sadness.  I wasn’t sure why at first, but then I just felt old, I felt I had missed out on life, my friends all have husbands, kids, houses, all of these “things” that people our age “should have”. But me, I didn’t have any of “those” yet and it hit me hard that I was going to be 37 soon. I looked up and I said, “Lord, did I miss out?” I felt sad as I got on the train and hung my head, you know that kind of hopeless feeling, that was me.

I then walked into one of those little shops at the airport to get a water and I passed by the stand of “inspirational books” that are usually all about God. I had a flashback to over 7 years ago when I was in the airport and would stop and stare at those books, I didn’t know God back then, but I realized in that moment He was with me back then and He was indeed with me now.

Husband, no husband, kids, no kids, house, no house, God the creator of the entire universe was with me. I got overwhelmed again and shed a few tears right there as a 70‘s love song was playing over the sound system in the store, I then kind of snickered as I thought about this entire situation, it could have been a scene in a movie.

I felt better and boarded the plane with my new book that I bought from the little stand. Staring out the window, I was just thankful to God. As the cabin door was pulled closed, I turned my head back towards the plane and saw the empty seat next to me on this completely full fight, (que: tears) I knew at that moment without a doubt it was God saying

“My dear, I am with you!”

I was just overwhelmed with how real God is and how He can show us in the smallest little ways in our everyday lives that He is indeed with us. We just have to sometimes turn our heads to look!

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  1. Your blogs are always so wonderful to read. The relationship you have with our Creator is awesome. Lindsay you’re inspirational

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