36 things I learned in my 36th year of life! {Birthday Blog Addition}

As a little tribute to starting my 37th year TODAY, I wanted to write out the 36 things I learned in my 36th year of life hoping they might just help you!

In no real order–

  1. Going to coffee with a guy doesn’t mean you have to marry them! (so don’t freak out like I did)
  2. Embracing how God designed you is one of the most freeing things you will ever do!
  3. Writing out your prayers is powerful because you can go back and read all God has done! Your eyeballs might just bug out of your head when you realize just how faithful He is!
  4. God has purpose in pain!
  5. God really does care about the tiny details of your life!
  6. Replace the lies you believe with TRUTH (in scripture) even if you have white index cards hanging up all over your house!
  7. Staying completely silent for 2 entire days IS strangely AMAZING!! #silentretreat
  8. TRUST that if God wants you somewhere He will make a way!
  9. God can and will love difficult people through you.
  10. Prayer works, I have NO idea how, but it does, so pray even when you don’t “feel” like it, actually especially when you don’t feel like it!
  11. Do what you are good at and ask someone to help you do what you are not good at! It’s ok, none of us are good at everything!
  12. It’s ok to hire a cleaning lady once and a while, SUCH A GIFT! Even if you are single and live in a 600 square foot loft! 🙂 #noshame
  13. Scheduling a “Date with Jesus” by putting it on your calendar once or twice a week is unbelievably healing for your soul!
  14. Christian dating books aren’t as cheesy as I thought.
  15. Keep walking in the direction of your dream, wait on God’s timing and enjoy the journey, He will show you and your eyes might just pop out of your head again!
  16. Following Jesus will take you places you never even thought about, aka the girl who hates cold ending up in Alaska for a week. #funny #kinda
  17. If you ask God to show you your weaknesses, He will!
  18. Do what you love even if you don’t get paid for it!
  19. Just Keep Going! You never know what is right around the corner.
  20. God births vision out of suffering, I have no idea why or how, but He does, watch for it!
  21. Being negative wont’ help you and honestly probably won’t make you any friends.
  22. Rest is OK, actually it’s GOOD!
  23. God knows the future, you really don’t have to figure it out!
  24. Comparison and jealousy hurt the heart of God because He made you and He wants you to be fully YOU and let that person be fully them!
  25. We don’t fight against flesh and blood, but instead evil spirits, so realize there is more at work than meets the earthly eye and the battle is always won on your knees.
  26. God is kind and really is for you!
  27. Fear of man will prove to be a snare and probably slow you down and prove to be a stumbling block in all God has for you!
  28. Don’t rely on anyone except God, love people, spend time with people, enjoy people, celebrate people, but rely fully on GOD, He knows!
  29. God will surprise you, pay attention and always give Him credit!
  30. God is always with us, ALWAYS.
  31. Scripture has power. Read it, even when you don’t fee like it, especially when you don’t feel like it!
  32. Worry doesn’t help anything or anyone! It just doesn’t! So stop wasting your time!
  33. I can rock climb! WHAT WHAT! and I enjoyed it! #whoknew
  34. Going to dinner by yourself can be super enjoyable!
  35. Get your sticky fingers off the plan and watch what God does!


36. Do what only you can do while you can do it! Enjoy the season of life God has you in! There is always a next, always a desire awaiting to be fulfilled, but “if you have to move an inch to be content you will never be content!” (I just learned that one last night, thanks Anna!)


3 Comments on “36 things I learned in my 36th year of life! {Birthday Blog Addition}

  1. What a wonderful list , each one so important. You are such a blessing to me, so glad that God allowed our paths to cross.

  2. Happy belated Birthday, Lindsay. I turned 37, too, on April 1st! It was a hard one, but it’s growing on me!

    2014 has been incredibly busy – I was hoping I’d get some rest. But it’s also been blessed. Sounds like yours has been too.

    If you have to move an inch to be content you will never be content. Love it.

    I know God has awesome plans for you this year.

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