a little ‘peace’ of the story!

It was exactly two years ago when I had this thought that Atlanta was not my ending spot. I am not sure I gave it a ton of space in my brain at the time, but it stuck. You know those revelations that are defiantly from God that just don’t leave your head, it was one of those….. I always thought I would move overseas to be a missionary. I knew the power of God’s grace and Jesus on the cross and I wanted to share it with people!

It was maybe a month later that California entered my brain. I had not been to the LA area in about ten years (or so) and had only been there once at this point… to be very frank it was in the middle of my party decade and I was so drunk I have almost no recollection of the entire trip!

Well, until last December!

I ended up back in LA with work and we were going to a Bible study led by Judah Smith in a really nice hotel in Beverly Hills. When we walked into the lobby, I had this little flash back and a thought came to my mind out of no where. “I have been here before, ten years ago partying and now I am back here for a Bible study.” I got completely overwhelmed at the fact that ONLY GOD could do that. Only He could take a party girl, who was literally picked up off the street so drunk and carried back to her hotel (I don’t even remember what happened to me because I was so intoxicated) and turn her life around in such a way that she would return for a BIBLE STUDY.

As we walked into the room with three hundred other attendees, we sat down and I started to look around. I noticed that these people reminded me of myself when I first walked into Buckhead Church kind of wondering about God. As tears kept falling down my cheeks in this hotel ballroom, I couldn’t really control myself. The weird part was, no one else was crying because what Judah was talking about wasn’t sad at all. I think I was crying because I knew where these people were: they were curious, they were hungry, they knew something wasn’t right with life and they wondered if it had anything to do with God. I have been there, that was me just seven years ago. I understood them and they might understand me.  “What if I could play a tiny part in them understanding who Jesus really is?” I thought to myself.

I sent a text to my dear friend Sarah and said “I am really feeling I am supposed to move here. Kinda crazy but I just have more peace than ever. Will you help me pray? Love you! Like whoa” and her very calm and always encouraging response was “Oh Lindsay, I sense that for you too! It’s exciting, yes we will pray”

I prayed. God confirmed. I prayed again. God confirmed again. He confirmed in real tangible ways, and He confirmed in hilarious, ridiculous, impossible random ways. He confirmed and I decided to go!

My eyes are wide open and pointed at Jesus because when I look away from Him, I start to shiver, I start to question, I start to get sad at all I am leaving. But when I look up, when I think back, when I remember who I am going with and all He has done for me, I know this is the right step. I then get excited to watch Him write the story. Putting the Pencil Down is not just a blog name, it seems to have become the very theme of my life!

And for those who are interested in keeping up with the story He is writing, you can check in on a more daily digest of sorts at www.lindsayinLA.com (ps. nothing there yet!)

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