What do you do when you feel SO ugly..

write about it on the internet?

I mean most people probably don’t, but anyway…..

Before I left for LA, I had this MAJOR self image crises, it was kind of weird. Suddenly I found myself scrambling for new make-up, new hair, a new face care regimen, new anything to make myself look different, I hated the way I looked.

I thought I had gotten over this a few years ago:

-this self hatred thing…

-this looking at myself in the mirror with disgust thing….

-this seeing a picture of myself and thinking “is that me, is that what I look like, what’s wrong with me?” thing…

But, it popped up again the other day without me noticing, all the sudden, I couldn’t stand the sight of myself.

The Bible speaks SO clearly about the enemy who comes to steal, kill and destroy. (John 10:10)

your peace, your joy, your thankfulness, your everything.

The Bible says, be sober of mind for the devil is like a roaring lion seeking for who he can devour. (1 Peter 5:8-9)

WHAT…….thankfully the Bible also says, He who is in me (and YOU as a believer of Jesus), is stronger than he who is in the world. (1 John 4:4) And I will praise Jesus for that truth, the thing was this self hatred thing felt real, it felt really really real and it felt like it wasn’t going to go away this time.

I remember coming to the conclusion on one of those “hard birthdays” that this was the youngest I was ever going to be, here on earth, so I should be thankful instead of hateful and mean to myself.

When I was 25 I thought I was so ugly, but 12 years later after seeing a picture of my 25 year old self, my 37 year old self thought, “Gosh, I was kinda pretty, why did I think I was so ugly?”

Then I started to think, “Lindsay when you are 50 you are going to think your 37 year old self was pretty. SO STOP BEING MEAN TO YOURSELF…..”

Back when I was in Atlanta I was over hating the mirror so I took some old lip stick and wrote “How Lovely is Your Dwelling Place OH LORD Almighty.” Psalm 84:1 really big on my mirror. That way every time I wanted to agree with the enemy about how ugly I was, the lip stick scripture would smack me in the face. I would then suddenly realize that I was hating the very dwelling place of the Holy, Living God of the Universe. I think that is kind of wrong. I mean I am not a theologian but doesn’t sound right to me.

Recently I found this little nugget of love in Song of Solomon:

“Behold, you are beautiful, my love, behold you are BEAUTIFUL.”  Song of Solomon 4:1

-GOD (the One who created the UNIVERSE)

The One who created the universe says I (and YOU) are beautiful, who are we to disagree with Him? I mean, SERIOUS. 

Y’all, we really need to put aside the “feelings” we have about ourselves and instead replace those ugly thoughts with the truth of who we are, we are beloved and beautiful. 

You are beloved and BEAUTIFUL

Lindsay the random blogger girl is not saying this about you, It’s God!

You are the Apple of His eye! (Zechariah 2:8) 

The Word of God says so…..

So, let’s respond to the enemy like Jesus did, reminding the devil of what GOD says: 

“It is written, I am the dwelling place of the Lord of Lords and King of Kings, the God MOST High and He calls me lovely, He calls me beautiful”

Every word of God is flawless. (Proverbs 30:5) and Truth is Truth!


7 Comments on “What do you do when you feel SO ugly..

  1. I have been where you are and float in and out of self doubt all the time. What you said resonates with a lot of us. The scripture you shared was really helpful to me. Recently, I saw a copy of the video my church took at my re-baptism a few months ago. HD does not help an older woman’s self image. I was upset knowing it is going to be shown along with others at church tomorrow. I couldn’t have looked worse in my mind. I will remember that His opinion of me is all that matters! Thanks girl! You are truly beautiful.

    • Vicki, I think we all go through it, you and I are not alone. And I know for a fact that God was smiling at you, His BEAUTIFUL daughter during your testimony of His Love and Leadership in your life. What a glorious occasion and remember the enemy hates that you have given over the Lordship of your life to Jesus, so of course he was going to try to make you feel yucky, he is a LIAR… Gods says you are beautiful, so that is THAT.. BIGGEST HUGS..

  2. Lindsay, I have met you in person and spent several days briefly getting to know you. As I think back on who you are I am mindful of how very pretty you are, but moreover how beautiful your spirit is. You exude joy! Jesus shines through you and intensifies the beauty already within you. You are wise to understand the traps Satan has for us. No matter what age, we can all fall into it … and you are right. Your 50 year old body will look back and think you rock it now, and guess what? YOU DO!

  3. Lori, I so appreciate your words, it is a moment by moment thing to remember what God says and IGNORE with a capitol I what the enemy tries to feed us.. LIAR….

    Blessings to YOU!!

  4. It is hard for me to explain how I can feel so certain when I say this but are beautiful. I am married with two children so this is not a line. I will leave you with a simple phrase I learned very recently….”God does not make Junk.”

  5. Today I went to write an exam, and they had to take a photo of me, and my hair was so messy because I was at the gym. When I saw the photo, I thought to myself how ugly I looked, and satan just attacked me as just before I was going to write my exam. The rest of the day, I have been feeling negative since I saw that photo. I didn’t want to call my father, because at my age, we don’t need a pity party. I have grown up I am a mature women, and I have grown with Christ and satan knows where to attack me. All the negative thoughts came rolling in, your ugly cos your single, and so on and so on. I wasn’t prepared to let the devil attack me, and googled feeling ugly and find your website. I am feeling a bit better thank you Lord! I think many women at times feel ugly, and we can’t let the enemy attack us. We are a creation of God. Thanks for your post. Blessings.

    • Kerry,
      A. we are kindred spirits, your butterfly picture. I love butterflies, they are a sweet little thing between the Lord and I! YAY!
      B. you keep on batting the enemy off your shoulder, he is a liar, he only comes to kill steal and destroy. We MUST not believe him.
      C. I am just thrilled that you found that post and it helped to shift your heart back to the truth, you are a beautiful, beloved daughter of the King and yes all girls feel this way from time to time, but that does NOT make it true..

      Many hugs and blessing to you beautiful one!

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