no part, not.any.thing, no thing

James 1: 2-3 Consider it all JOY when you encounter various trials, knowing that the testing of your faith produces endurance (the bearings of evil and suffering with tranquil mind) And let endurance result (to work) that you may be perfect and complete (perfectly sound {in body} entire, whole) lacking nothing (no part, not.any.thing, no thing)..

When I came across this verse the other night, in the S T R A N G E S T way ever, I read the word “nothing”, and thought, “lack NOTHING?”  I wonder what NOTHING really means?

I ran to get my Key Word Study Bible that my brilliant Bible Teaching friend Sarah told me to buy. With this handy little Bible you can look up the Greek and Hebrew meaning of a word, to see what the original language might have been saying. 

I was curious about the word, NOTHING. I thought, it must mean something in the original language. I mean nothing is so final, its so absolute. It couldn’t possibly mean nothing. 

Could it?

So I ran around this sweet little cottage I live in searching for that specific Bible, after searching for it, saying a quick, “Lord help me find that Bible” prayer, I realized it was in my car, so I zipped out and got it. 

As I opened up to James, I dug into a few other words in the Greek, such as the word endurance (as it is used at the beginning of the verse) and it said to mean (the bearings of evil and suffering with a tranquil mind). YES PLEASE.. I would love to have a tranquil mind while fighting these evil lies that try to creep into my brain. I love that definition…

But I was still curious about the word “nothing” there was no little number beside it, which indicates that there is a different or deeper meaning in the Greek dictionary. I was kind of disappointed, I was excited to see what nothing really meant. 

So I resorted to the good ole Merriam- Webster (online version of course) and it said


–no part

–not any thing

–no thing

So what I am reading is if I endure my trials and my suffering, it will work to make me complete, whole, lacking NOTHING (no part, not any thing, no thing.)

That’s kind of awesome!!!!! It really produces HOPE, huh? Hope that if we wait well in our trials, there is this ‘lacking nothing’ that we will get too. 

Then the next verse says “but if any of you lacks wisdom let him ask God who gives to all men generously and without reproach and it will be given to him”

(so while we wait, we can ask wisdom from God).

y’all, He created the universe and your inner most being, He is saying we can come to Him and ask for wisdom. 

I don’t know about you, but this is good news for me. As I am in this new chapter of life and just about everything seems pretty uncertain, I have the confidence that during this time of trial and testing (which has been kinda hard) I know that He is working things out so that I will lack NOTHING. no part, not any thing, no thing. AND while I wait and maybe do lack a few things, I can go to the One who created everything and ask for wisdom (in ANYTHING). Sounds like a good deal to me!

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  1. Such timing of God’s truth is astonishing to me! I have been weeping, praying and consulting with God for His all knowing wisdom and peace in just such a trial James speaks of in this verse. His Word soothes my soul and His peace comes over me as I pray and wait. The trial is no less; but GOD’S resolve lays firmly upon me and as He promises …”I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me!” Well said.

    • AMEN Lori.. I am so encouraged that you were encouraged.. I love how God leads us to do things because He knows who needs to hear it. I never know if what I write will help, but I ALWAYS pray it at least touches one person.. I am so grateful for your comment and pray with you for His wisdom moment by moment for you during this time and His HOPE to wash over you that you CAN and WILL get through this with Him by your side… (in His name, I pray..)


      • I often wonder if my words touch the pulse of those who read them as well. Comments validate our wonder, but I am reminded time and time again that God works either way bringing hope through the words to those who need to hear them. My validation is only a side item, so I continue to write forward knowing that His glory is what is monumental.

        Thank you again Lindsay for your response. His peace covers me as I wait for His intervention.

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