Does the “what if” of worry keep you from moving forward with a dream or desire?

Do you ever worry about your future? Do you often wonder what people think about you? Does fear keep you from moving forward? In Worry, Wonder and Mini Meltdowns, author Lindsay Morgan Snyder explains how the lie of worry may be holding you back and how you can break free to walk in peace and freedom.


A recovering people pleaser herself, Lindsay was trapped in fear for decades. Through personal stories, delightful humor and spiritual revelations, she joyfully shares how she escaped worry and stepped into a new life full of beauty and wonder. Lindsay invites you to join this conversation with your Creator so you too can begin a fulfilling journey.

If you have ever called yourself a “worrier” or struggled with self-worth, people pleasing, or control, this book is for you.

In these pages you will learn how to:

* Silence the voice of worry

* Watch for wonder instead of obstacles

* Listen to God’s encouraging words

* Fight feelings of unworthiness (and WIN!)

* Recognize God’s blessings


Give yourself permission today to experience the life of wonder that God meant you to live – to have hope for a better future.

Launch Date: July 18th, 2017

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