‘LET’ peace rule in your heart.

LET peace rule in your heart.
To be exact, the Bible says:
Let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts, to which indeed you were called in one body; and be thankful. Colossians 3:15

If I have ever had a bad week at “doing” this, it was a few weeks ago.
A friend recently told me that no matter what our sin is, God isn’t going to break as He continues to watch us sin. He knows that the sin is eventually going break us.

We don’t in our modern day culture love the word sin, but in it’s most simplistic form, sin is anything that separates us from God. I personally never really thought of fear as a sin until recently. The actual word sin seems kind of old school and out of date, but make no mistake sin is alive and well and it is out to destroy us. We just tend to be deceived by it.

We hide from it, we enjoy it, we ignore it, we roll our eyes at it, because we think we know better than God, which is pride and that is also a big sin. That is what got Satan thrown out of heaven, good old fashion pride.

A few weeks ago I found myself broken by my sin of fear in a deep way, but see being broken isn’t all bad, it is actually the place which helps us realize our true need and dependence on God Himself. Because without Him we can’t fight the sins that haunt us. He is our true Shepherd, the One we look to moment by moment, the One we depend on and surrender to.

He is our ever present help in time of need. (Psalm 46:1)

As I was recently struggling again with my sin of fear, my friend Sarah Ott Deyton (check her out on i-tunes, she is an incredibly gifted Bible teacher) sent me this…….
Stop the over analysis and self protection… Stay in step with the spirit day by day (you can’t do that if you are living in the sin of fear!)- live fully in each day for we are promised just today! Fear and trust do not coincide- trust the God that works every outcome together for good and glory no matter what —- You are in His positioning not your own- so seriously all is a win!!! Because your eggs are ever only in Christ’s basket- He holds your future!!! He holds your heart! There is no plan B with God! He holds each day and has written them all in the book of life so no amount of self protection or fear or reserve is going to alter the days He has for you, except that you love and live less than what He would have designed for you each day due to the inability to fully enter into it because you entered fear of it instead. There is only ever Plan A- He has got it all!!!!!!!!! Every moment, every day, etc.., you cannot and will not miss or mess up His will. Just enjoy today- pray as you are doing- walk prayerfully yes but that doesn’t mean you have to walk so carefully that you end up walking fearfully!

Let your mind go all the way into that fear- stare it in the face- call it out- and send it to hell! The Father doesn’t lead you or motivate you with fear- this isn’t a game of stomping out Lindsay’s heart and killing her joys. Your life your future your past are all in His control.
Fear has nothing to do with your God, His dealings, His character- never has!!! Do not give fear even a breath.


Yes powerful! I know!

See, if we allow (or LET) the enemy tell us how to feel and have a hey day with our emotions then he will! That is until we finally break and find ourselves on the floor going before the Lord because we literally don’t know what else to do. Thankfully we belong to a loving, forgiving, patient and kind God, He is usually just waiting for us to come to the end of ourselves, yes once again, but there He is waiting with His arms open wide.

The scripture I quoted above is interesting to me. There seems to be a condition here, it sounds like it is up to us to let peace in or let fear in or let condemnation in or let control in.

I know we have talked a lot about fear and control lately. But I think a lot of us deal with it and maybe don’t even know it.

I know in my life, God is dealing fiercely with the sin of fear in more ways then one, so sometimes it seems it has to be exposed in new and fresh ways, in layers, in areas you were not aware of to get to the very bottom of it all.

But be encouraged, I have seen God remove fear from so many areas of my life, layer by layer, for me it’s just a new area, so I know His plans are good, because I know He is a good good Father.

OH and check out these two songs….and be encouraged!

Good Good Father
No Longer a Slave to fear

Hope, Hope & Hope

“Enjoy! Rest! Allow yourself to hope- not expect- but definitely hope!!! Hope expresses desires but leaves all outcomes surrendered to His control! Expectations demand certain outcomes stifling hope. Hope my friend hope! You are in a great GOD place!!!! It’s all so good”

The above was from my friend Sarah Ott Deyton. She just sends you texts like this, it’s like having your very own Beth Moore on hand! And YES I realize I am blessed in all my friendships. My friend Sarah introduced me to one of her best friends here in LA, Katherine Wolf from Hope Heals (which I have spoke about before). I am starting to see a trend here, a theme you might call it.

Lindsay, you are allowed to HOPE.

You don’t have to live in fear anymore.

You don’t have to wonder when the other shoe will drop, you don’t have to fear your next suffering!

A) because fearing it won’t prevent it
B) I have good things for you Lindsay, you don’t have to just always be happy for everyone else.

As I write this I am hearing, “Lindsay don’t get ahead of yourself, what if things do fall apart, you shouldn’t be so confident that God has good things ahead for you”

LIAR LIAR LIAR. I want to say!

“Lindsay what about all the people suffering in the world, you should not be happy, you should be careful to talk about the blessings you have right now, because other people are hurting”

“I know” I say back to the voice in my head, “I know you are right, I shouldn’t be happy it’s just safer to expect the worst and then be delighted with the outcome if it is not bad.”


When I look at that thought on paper, it makes me sad, it makes me sad that I think like that, it’s just a sad way to live. It’s twisted and it’s a lie.

See this HOPE thing is really starting to sink in. I mean God is quietly putting it all around me. I never really knew what HOPE was, but I am thinking it might mean to look up, to lift my face to a good God and know that He is for me no matter what, that it is OK to believe that I don’t have to always be happy for everyone else. But that I can be happy for the beauty in the moment He has given me, for the blessings of my day and THAT is ok. That is good, that is healthy.

My friend Jason talks about the problem of hope being deferred and how the Bible says in Proverbs 13:12 that
“Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a desire fulfilled is a tree of life” English Standard Version

I don’t want my heart to be sick. I want my heart to Hope in Hope Himself. I want my heart to know that my Jesus is for me and is with me and yes has good things for me. I want to remember that yes there is nothing better than Him, but that I can hope and believe that I will see the goodness of God in the land of the living. Who am I kidding I already have, I have seen Him turn ashes to beauty time and time again in my life with one thing after another.

Is everything perfect? no, will everything ever be perfect, no!

But He is God, and I am not. I want to believe my Jesus is who He says He is and I want to believe He is good and all good and perfect gifts come from Him. No matter what my doubt and fear want to say! Even if the gifts are for a season.

I want HOPE to arise in my soul, my circumstances, my life, my future. I want HOPE to arise in yours as well!

I don’t know where you are currently, but my prayer is that the goodness of God will manifest in your life, whether it is His presence so thick that you can hardly contain it, or if it is that peace that really does not make sense, or maybe it is that desire you have had all your life that is currently being fulfilled. I pray that He will speak to you about this HOPE thing that I think He might be speaking to me!

I truly love you all so much and am thankful to be on this journey with you!

You are not alone!

Love Always,

Oh and THIS SONG to help you worship our Creator!

Control is rooted in Fear

Trying to figure things out, is rooted in control and control is rooted in fear.

I am learning this, because after God told me not to figure out my job situation, another completely different situation came into my life. And well fear presented itself and I just went with it. I went with fear. That was the wrong decision. (we all make wrong decisions)

But see fear is NEVER from God, and in this situation He once again asked me to lay it down, not to try to figure it out either, but to trust Him in this new situation.

Why is it so hard?

“God, what am I supposed to do?” I asked.

Seems I was spending a lot of time on “trying to figure things out” because now I was thinking, what am I going to do if I am not spending so much time try to figure everything out?

At church on Sunday, I was reminded of a scripture during worship (which I always believe is God speaking to me through His Living Word)

New American Standard Bible
This is the day which the LORD has made; Let us rejoice and be glad in it.
Psalm 118:24

Peace came over me as I knew this was what He was telling me.

JUST rejoice in THIS day. For it is the day I (I, God, who created the entire universe) made.

Don’t worry yourself about the future, you don’t control it Lindsay. You just don’t sweet one.

You stay close to me and let me show you! That is the JOY of being in relationship with Me.

Release control Lindsay!

You keep praying to get rid of fear in your life and you have come so far, but see trying to figure out tomorrow, or the future, it really is a form of control and control is rooted in fear.


“Again Lord” I thought.

But then I sensed Him saying “It’s ok beautiful girl, I am telling you this to free you not to condemn you!”

God our Father wants our hearts, He wants our trust and He really wants a real relationship with us, with YOU! Yes, YOU, He created YOU and He loves YOU even if you don’t love yourself.

He has every hair on your head numbered, He knows us, He knows our sin, He knows our struggle, He knows our thoughts, good and bad, see we can’t hide from Him and that is the last thing He wants, He wants to help us, not judge us or condemn us! That’s why He gave us Jesus, so we could be pardoned from our sin and His judgement. He wants to love on us! He wants to envelop us in His love, He wants to bring peace into our lives, our minds, our hearts, our souls and He does that through Jesus Christ! It is the Holy Spirit that comes to live inside of us once we receive Jesus, and Holy Spirit is the living Spirit of God who comes to reside in all believers of Jesus. Holy Spirit is said in the Bible to be our counselor and our comforter, I mean who doesn’t need counseling and comforting, I do every day, sometimes each moment of each day.

Just ask Him today to show you His love for you!

Just like any other relationship, it’s personal and it is intentional!

Just be with Him
Click here for some worship music that will lift your sweet self closer to Him

Fruit Flies and LIES

The truth is we have an enemy and he is the Father of LIES!

His only real power is to lie, to put thoughts in our minds that absolutely feel like our own.

You can unfortunately believe lies for decades and they can lead to destruction in your own life and in the lives of those around you.

It sounds crazy, but it is very very true.

I am not saying this to scare you, no no, the Lord is very very clear that there is NOTHING to fear, not even the devil (the enemy of our soul).

He is a defeated foe, the devil and he has no power or authority over those who are IN CHRIST.

And you don’t have to be all cleaned up and without sin to be IN CHRIST (that’s a lie)…. We need Christ because we are messed up and He is the one who comes to take on our sin, so we can be reconciled to God our Father.

You simply have to humble yourself and come to Christ to receive His gift of salvation. You have to realize that you need His divine help.

(Public Service Announcement: NO ONE IS PERFECT)

Except for Jesus! (because He was/is God in the flesh)

It can be tough to understand, it seems kind of weird and before I knew Christ as my Lord and Savior I remember thinking, “ok, why are people still talking about this jewish carpenter from 2,000 years ago. I believe that a few generations could convince a few more generations that this “Jesus fable” was true, but how on earth is it still being talked about today, if there is not something supernaturally real about it. It’s a good question to ponder, if you still don’t believe.

I mean even logically that doesn’t make sense.

But the truth of the Gospel, the GOOD NEWS is that everyone no matter their sin, can be saved and brought into a new life with Jesus and in Him we have authority over the enemy and his LIES that set out to destroy us.

A few weeks ago some lies of the past started to present themselves, seeing if I would maybe listen in again. It’s not always easy to recognize because they have a familiarity to them. I had believed lies about myself for over 20 years and they made me hate myself deeply. Come to find out, they were just simple lies that felt really really real.

Lies can be very powerful, that is why the Truth is so so important.

I didn’t realize the lies that were trying to slip back in recently, but suddenly found myself back in fear, back in not trusting God’s goodness, back in not trusting that God is for me.

Those thoughts, bolded above, are always a sign that the enemy might be trying to feed you a lie of CRAP, once again.

Maybe the lie is that your sin is fun (sometimes sin was fun), but it is, be assured, set out to destroy you.
Maybe the lie is that what YOU have done is too horrible to be redeemed, but that IS a lie.

It’s our responsibility to TAKE EVERY THOUGHT CAPTIVE as God says in His Word in 2 Corinthians 10:5 English Standard Version (ESV)

“5 We destroy arguments and every lofty opinion raised against the knowledge of God, and take every thought captive to obey Christ”

So right now, I have this fruit fly infestation at my house. These little boogers are annoying but what I realized is that they are tiny compared to me, they don’t have a chance to win against me, I am like big human girl, so as they bug me I squish’em. And they don’t have a chance, but then another one comes flying around that I have to squish also, so I have to be ready.

When I got home last night I realized that these little fruit flies are like the enemy and his lies. He is annoying and if we let him, he will drive us a little mad (or he will drive us straight off the cliff if we accept them as truth), but we actually have the power and authority to squish his lies as they present themselves. ya know, like little fruit flies.

If you struggle in this area of believing LIES, check out this teaching by one of my favorite Bible teaches

Click Here Battlefield of the Mind by Joyce Meyer

Want to accept Jesus into your life? See here or email me and we can talk! lindsay@lindsaysnyder.com

Love Always,


More on Conflict (featuring Dr. David)

Ok, so we talked about conflict last week and how it is not something all of us like to engage in.

I wanted to bring in new friend and guest therapist for Putting the Pencil Down, Dr. David Adams for a little more insight into this ‘conflict thing’

Just so you know Dr. David isn’t just a therapist, he is a born again believer and follower of Jesus Christ, also has his MDIV (which means he went to school foreva to learn about the Bible) AND he has his doctorate in Clinical Psychology.

I mean how fun to have him with us today to discuss this thing called conflict!

My first question is: As humans why do we tend to struggle with conflict?

Dr. David: It is important to understand the source of conflict in understanding our struggle with it. James 4:1 states, “What causes quarrels among you? Don’t they come from your own desires?” It seems that when we have a conflict, at least one of the parties involved is likely focused on self. When this occurs, someone is likely to get hurt. When focused on self, we have a hard time focusing on the other person’s needs, values, expectations, and personal worth.

God created us for community, so when community and relationship is threatened (as we perceive it to be in conflict), we have an internal struggle.

Lindsay: Makes sense to me, that is why I don’t love conflict because I don’t want to get hurt and frankly I don’t want anyone else to hurt either. But God is also teaching me that I am not responsible for other people’s feelings (that is hard for me to learn)

Second, is there such a thing as “healthy conflict” and if so, what does it look like?

Dr. David: In responding to this question, I would like to say there are certain behaviors and communication patterns that are healthy in the midst of conflict. So, yes, one can be in conflict and respond with healthy behaviors.

Here are a few thoughts:

1. In conflict, it is important to focus on personal responsibility rather than focusing all your attention on the failures of others.

2. Seek to understand first, then seek to be understood. Too often, our focus is to be “heard” and we miss out on the perspective of the other person. If both parties involved in a conflict would seek to understand first, conflict will likely reduce.

3. The Scripture gives us some of the best advice for conflict. Be “Slow to Speak, Quick to Listen, and Slow to Anger- (James 1:19). When you practice these two behaviors (being slow to speak and quick to listen), it will lead to being slow to anger! (And thus slow to conflict).

4. It is possible to be angry and yet not to sin (Ephesians 4:26). Injustice can cause anger, but even “injustice”, you can respond in a way in which God is glorified.

5. Above all else, forgive! This is the basis for reconciliation. After all, we are forgiven. Colossians 3:13 states, “….bearing with one another, if anyone has a complaint against each other, forgiving each other…” Now, this can be hard, but remember forgiving will lead to more healthy relationships.

Lindsay: David, this is SO good, right before I thought I was going to engage in some conflict last week, I “so happened” to just flip open my Bible app and saw a scripture on humility, I think that was God reminding me that humility will help to ease any conflict.

Third, if we are one of those people who really doesn’t love conflict, what should we do to find a healthier perspective of it?

Dr. David: Conflict is not enjoyable. In fact, if one enjoys conflict, there may be another problem. Often time we try to avoid conflict as a way to protect ourselves from being hurt. Ahh…so if we do not have conflict, we are less likely to get hurt. However, avoiding conflict only leads to greater problems.Realize that being able to resolve conflict is the only path to true intimacy. So my first encouragement for you is to understand the path of conflict leads us to greater intimacy with God and each other. Remember God’s promises! He will strengthen you to handle any situation, even conflict!

Secondly, depend on God in all things, even conflict. This means bathe the situation in prayer. Often times, prayer will change our heart and attitudes in the process as well.

Lindsay: David, I am also SO (yes in all cap) glad that I am not weird for not liking conflict, whew. And I agree as I talked about in my last blog on conflict, what I learned most was that with God I was able to do something I didn’t enjoy and was amazed at how He worked through me in it.

Finally, in your words, how did Jesus handle conflict? What can we learn from Him?

David: Jesus lived in conflict. The religious leaders were constantly watching him, talking about him in negative ways, and attempting to conspire against Him. When Jesus was tempted by Satan, he quoted Scripture. When he was in the Garden of Gethsemane (knowing he was about to be crucified), he isolated himself in order to pray! These are the two best strategies: prayer and bathe yourself in His Word. Also, Jesus was not just a passive person. He did stand up for what is right. You may recall how Jesus flipped over the tables of the individuals who were buying and selling in the Temple for their own profit (Matthew 21). He directly confronted the situation. So, in conflict, one of the best things you can do is to assert yourself in love. However, other times, he taught just to “Turn your cheek” if your rights are violated (Luke 6:29). All in all, I think we can learn that we should be less concerned about our “own rights” which is the source of conflict. However, if the rights of others are violated or God’s truth needs to be made know, we should stand up and assert ourselves in love and respect.

Lindsay: Thank you so much Dr. David.

I hope this provided some needed insight to all of you out there, it sure did me. We will absolutely be having Dr. David back to talk about some other issues us ‘little BELOVED dust people’ tend to have and what Psychology and the Bible (more importantly Jesus) say that it.