no part, not.any.thing, no thing

James 1: 2-3 Consider it all JOY when you encounter various trials, knowing that the testing of your faith produces endurance (the bearings of evil and suffering with tranquil mind) And let endurance result (to work) that you may be perfect and complete (perfectly sound {in body} entire, whole) lacking nothing (no part, not.any.thing, no thing)..

When I came across this verse the other night, in the S T R A N G E S T way ever, I read the word “nothing”, and thought, “lack NOTHING?”  I wonder what NOTHING really means?

I ran to get my Key Word Study Bible that my brilliant Bible Teaching friend Sarah told me to buy. With this handy little Bible you can look up the Greek and Hebrew meaning of a word, to see what the original language might have been saying. 

I was curious about the word, NOTHING. I thought, it must mean something in the original language. I mean nothing is so final, its so absolute. It couldn’t possibly mean nothing. 

Could it?

So I ran around this sweet little cottage I live in searching for that specific Bible, after searching for it, saying a quick, “Lord help me find that Bible” prayer, I realized it was in my car, so I zipped out and got it. 

As I opened up to James, I dug into a few other words in the Greek, such as the word endurance (as it is used at the beginning of the verse) and it said to mean (the bearings of evil and suffering with a tranquil mind). YES PLEASE.. I would love to have a tranquil mind while fighting these evil lies that try to creep into my brain. I love that definition…

But I was still curious about the word “nothing” there was no little number beside it, which indicates that there is a different or deeper meaning in the Greek dictionary. I was kind of disappointed, I was excited to see what nothing really meant. 

So I resorted to the good ole Merriam- Webster (online version of course) and it said


–no part

–not any thing

–no thing

So what I am reading is if I endure my trials and my suffering, it will work to make me complete, whole, lacking NOTHING (no part, not any thing, no thing.)

That’s kind of awesome!!!!! It really produces HOPE, huh? Hope that if we wait well in our trials, there is this ‘lacking nothing’ that we will get too. 

Then the next verse says “but if any of you lacks wisdom let him ask God who gives to all men generously and without reproach and it will be given to him”

(so while we wait, we can ask wisdom from God).

y’all, He created the universe and your inner most being, He is saying we can come to Him and ask for wisdom. 

I don’t know about you, but this is good news for me. As I am in this new chapter of life and just about everything seems pretty uncertain, I have the confidence that during this time of trial and testing (which has been kinda hard) I know that He is working things out so that I will lack NOTHING. no part, not any thing, no thing. AND while I wait and maybe do lack a few things, I can go to the One who created everything and ask for wisdom (in ANYTHING). Sounds like a good deal to me!




What do you do when you feel SO ugly..

write about it on the internet?

I mean most people probably don’t, but anyway…..

Before I left for LA, I had this MAJOR self image crises, it was kind of weird. Suddenly I found myself scrambling for new make-up, new hair, a new face care regimen, new anything to make myself look different, I hated the way I looked.

I thought I had gotten over this a few years ago:

-this self hatred thing…

-this looking at myself in the mirror with disgust thing….

-this seeing a picture of myself and thinking “is that me, is that what I look like, what’s wrong with me?” thing…

But, it popped up again the other day without me noticing, all the sudden, I couldn’t stand the sight of myself.

The Bible speaks SO clearly about the enemy who comes to steal, kill and destroy. (John 10:10)

your peace, your joy, your thankfulness, your everything.

The Bible says, be sober of mind for the devil is like a roaring lion seeking for who he can devour. (1 Peter 5:8-9)

WHAT…….thankfully the Bible also says, He who is in me (and YOU as a believer of Jesus), is stronger than he who is in the world. (1 John 4:4) And I will praise Jesus for that truth, the thing was this self hatred thing felt real, it felt really really real and it felt like it wasn’t going to go away this time.

I remember coming to the conclusion on one of those “hard birthdays” that this was the youngest I was ever going to be, here on earth, so I should be thankful instead of hateful and mean to myself.

When I was 25 I thought I was so ugly, but 12 years later after seeing a picture of my 25 year old self, my 37 year old self thought, “Gosh, I was kinda pretty, why did I think I was so ugly?”

Then I started to think, “Lindsay when you are 50 you are going to think your 37 year old self was pretty. SO STOP BEING MEAN TO YOURSELF…..”

Back when I was in Atlanta I was over hating the mirror so I took some old lip stick and wrote “How Lovely is Your Dwelling Place OH LORD Almighty.” Psalm 84:1 really big on my mirror. That way every time I wanted to agree with the enemy about how ugly I was, the lip stick scripture would smack me in the face. I would then suddenly realize that I was hating the very dwelling place of the Holy, Living God of the Universe. I think that is kind of wrong. I mean I am not a theologian but doesn’t sound right to me.

Recently I found this little nugget of love in Song of Solomon:

“Behold, you are beautiful, my love, behold you are BEAUTIFUL.”  Song of Solomon 4:1

-GOD (the One who created the UNIVERSE)

The One who created the universe says I (and YOU) are beautiful, who are we to disagree with Him? I mean, SERIOUS. 

Y’all, we really need to put aside the “feelings” we have about ourselves and instead replace those ugly thoughts with the truth of who we are, we are beloved and beautiful. 

You are beloved and BEAUTIFUL

Lindsay the random blogger girl is not saying this about you, It’s God!

You are the Apple of His eye! (Zechariah 2:8) 

The Word of God says so…..

So, let’s respond to the enemy like Jesus did, reminding the devil of what GOD says: 

“It is written, I am the dwelling place of the Lord of Lords and King of Kings, the God MOST High and He calls me lovely, He calls me beautiful”

Every word of God is flawless. (Proverbs 30:5) and Truth is Truth!





Doubt, Fear and Love!

When confusion and fear came rushing in, I wasn’t sure what was happening. I held tightly to my Bible even though deep down I was questioning the very existence of God, the very God who delivered me from SO SO much over the past 6 years. (Hello, my name is Lindsay and I am an Israelite)

It was crazy and the reason why I didn’t blog. I had nothing to share with you, I was busy holding onto my faith like it was going to slip out of my very hands.

It sounds dramatic, but to be honest, it kinda WAS, it was very scary. The problem was I wasn’t sure what was going on, I just felt confused and scared. I started to see that fear was overtaking me and I couldn’t reconcile why.

Then, I realized it was just plain old fashion doubt and unbelief!

Pretty simple yet pretty powerful!

When the doubt and unbelief started to sneak in, it eroded my first line of defense, FAITH and my first line of offense, the Sword of the Spirit, which is the very Word of God!

When you doubt, when you put down your shield of faith, like I did, you try to stab around with your sword (the Word of God), but you doubt God is good or God is for you or that God is even real so you doubt His Word is true therefore how could it really help you.

The fear that God wasn’t real led to me to think I had to take control of my life. (which is the lie)

But here is what I learned happens to us when we entertain fear, we also entertain the following:

Insecurity (who is going to help me?)

Inadequacy (I am going to mess this up)

Inferiority (I am not good enough to receive this blessing)

Timidity (I can’t stand up for what I believe)

Worry and Anxiety (what IF _______________)


Fear of Authority (what if what they are telling me is wrong)





Panic Attacks

Phobias (of the future, I better secure my future because no one else will)

Nervousness (thinking bad things are going to happen)

Abandonment (no one will remember me)


These things we invite in when we entertain FEAR!

My fear came from my doubt and unbelief that God IS REAL, IN CONTROL and IN LOVE WITH ME!

It all stemmed from there.

So what do we do? How do we cast fear out?

The Bible is clear, Perfect Love, CASTS OUT FEAR. 1 John 4:8

The Bible says:

God IS Love (1 John 4:8)

He is Perfect (Matthew 5:8)

He IS Perfect Love, when we can get past  the lies and false feelings and receive His LOVE truly, we begin to believe that we are the apple of His eye Zechariah 2:8, that His thoughts about us (YOU) out number the very sand of the sea (Psalm 139: 17-18) (which is absurd, do you know how much sand there is?) that’s when we can tell fear to take a hike and instead stand on the TRUTH of God’s Word. He loves US! Love that we cannot comprehend on earth, we can’t even imagine the kind of Love He has for us.

Let’s ask Him! Let’s ask Him about His love for us.

I challenge you to wake up tomorrow (and every morning), and ask Him how He loves you!

Watch and Listen, He is with you and He will show you if you ask!

Lord God, you are God and we are not. Please Lord forgive us for our unbelief, restore in us a faith that comes from You, as You Jesus are the author and perfector of our faith. Lord, you say if we lack wisdom, to come to You and You will give it to us without measure, so Lord, we come to You and ask for your wisdom on what is holding us back from receiving Your love, show us, tells us, bring it to our hearts and minds, let us repent, let us give you our fear. We bind ourselves to You Jesus and Your Word which is living and active. We loose all that was stolen from us in this fight for our faith, restore in us now Lord all that we have been missing in You.

We choose to receive from You now absolute perfect Love, all that You are and all that You want to be in and through us!

In Jesus mighty name, we Pray and Believe that you are who you say you are, Perfect Love that LOVES a flawed person like me, all because of Jesus, He made a way for me to You and I am grateful! 

Thank you Lord! In your name Jesus, we pray!


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