What’s Holding You Back from Dreaming?

What’s holding you back from dreaming?

Maybe take a minute and really ask yourself.

What are some of the deepest desires of your heart?

I suggest sitting with God and a journal and asking Him to help you see into your own heart, into the desire that He created within you.

Write down all that comes to mind in that moment.

Talk to Him, He is listening, He desires a personal relationship with you, He delights in YOU. Sit with Him and just talk.

Ask yourself  “If I could do anything and money didn’t matter what would it be?”

(take a moment and a piece of paper and write it down)

Just do it.


……. did you do it? Don’t read on until you have done this, even it is for 5 minutes.. It is not silly, it is revealing..

Good job! He is proud of you!!! He is.. I know what you might be thinking, but here is my take, the Bible is explicitly clear that He is our Heavenly Father (those that choose to receive the gift of salvation from Jesus and then be in right standing with Father God). Our perfect Father who is always available, He has always been right there and always will be. It is up to us to engage with Him.

He is always speaking, are you listening?

He created you. And created you on purpose for a specific reason here on earth. You were not a mistake, even if your parents didn’t plan on you, your Creator did.

I often have to say to myself, “WAIT, God who created this entire crazy beautiful and detailed universe, that One, He also created me. HUH

According to the Bible, He loves us and even though we can be a major idiots sometimes, we are forgiven if we ask for forgiveness and that is all because of Jesus.

God forgives us, He wipes our slate clean, He gives grace in our wonderings and mishaps all because of Jesus.

He asks us to admit our mistakes, confess our sins and we are forgiven. I think there is power in “the saying you are sorry to God part”.. Even for the little goofy things..

He takes the disgusting ashes of our lives and He makes them beautiful.

He takes our mistakes and the broken world around us and He works it all for our good and most importantly His Glory . He does this to be seen by others, so they could know Him also.

That whole love and grace thing is more than amazing in my book!

Here is a prayer I prayed to remind myself that He is the reason for life. Feel free to pray it yourself.

“Oh Lord, I seriously can’t take another breath without you, I am thankful for what you have done and I am super excited about what you are going to do, because I believe I am not here by mistake, I believe that if I follow You, You will indeed lead me to my purpose in life, the desire in my heart that isn’t even fully clear yet, I believe that you are the One to trust, to follow, to spend time with, to study, to love, to ultimately give my life to, so you can replace it with the life I was always intended by you to live. Thank you Jesus for what you have done for me on the CROSS, I receive that again and again, because truthfully, I need your grace, again and again, I pray all this in Your name and for Your glory, AMEN!”








Control, Submit and Resist.

And then there was CONTROL, a subject I was prompted to write on after I let my feelings about a situation steal a good portion of my day and just about all of my peace.

The funny part is as I opened up a document to write on the issue, my issue of control, I noticed this half written blog from a few months ago titled “Control, Submit and Resist. Interesting enough, it looks like God and I started to deal with this little issue in my life a few months back and then I got distracted and here I am, trucking back around the same mountain.

The unfinished blog from a few months ago starts here:

The past month has been what I like to call a hot mess. Maybe not so much on the outside, but on the inside, the inside of my brain.

Every once in a while, I will tend to have a mini meltdown. The problem is a few weeks ago I had like 7 complete meltdowns in a row.

I was basically over myself. Thankfully God was not over me, but I pretty much thought He was, it was the strangest thing. I am not normally THAT off balance. WHOA.

Then it was a health scare that kept my attention and shook my faith in God.

In the end, as usual I learned that God is simply in control and I either have to choose to believe that or not.

That was all I wrote, I didn’t get to a place that it was ready to post, I was mainly just putting my thoughts and feelings out on paper, wondering if anyone could relate.

Today I had a similar but slightly more subtle control issue. I was mad about all these things I couldn’t control but thought I should have a say in. It was completely illogical but seemed so very logical in my head as I heard the enemy whisper in my ear:

“Lindsay, that is ridiculous, you can’t stand for this, you must say something, do something, you can’t let this go on.”

After hours of agreeing with him, I finally let go and asked for help. I prayed even though I didn’t “feel” like it would be a lick of help.

Suddenly it was obvious to me; I was trying to control these external factors, that truthfully, I have NO control over. I wanted control, but in this circumstance, no one was asking me, so I had a choice to either bang my head against the wall (figuratively wishing I had control) OR I could submit my will to those God placed in front of me. Ultimately to Him. Which means resisting the lies of the enemy telling me I had a right to push my thoughts or feelings on others.

Can I take my thoughts and feelings to God? Absolutely and He is happy to listen and give me peace if I will allow Him. But I also heard God ask me if I TRUSTED HIM. In my head I was like “YEAH, totally”, but in my soul it was like I was saying “well, I am not so sure God, if things go my way, of course I trust you.” eeeeeeekkkkkkk

“Create in me a clean heart OH God and renew a right Spirit with in me!” Psalm 51:10

“Trust in the Lord with all my heart, lean not on my own understanding, but in all my ways acknowledge Him and He will make my path straight” Proverbs 3:5-6

In what areas of your life do you struggle relinquishing control to God? Do you trust Jesus with no parameters?




Stop Worrying and Trust (haven’t we been through this Lindsay?)

Why is it that worry strikes again? You have been there and done that, you have moved passed it into faith, into belief, you have prayed through it (my favorite prayer when I am worrying is: Lord, you say in your Word, do not be anxious for anything but in everything by prayer and petition present my requests to you and you will bring me peace in Christ Jesus, here are my requests Lord, I lay them at your cross, help me to let go. I can’t do it alone.)

SO I prayed that this morning about a situation, about my day in general as I have a lot on the schedule of my brain. I felt to sit down and pick up my Bible, so I did. I read for a while, it was awesome, I remembered how powerful the Word of God is, even though I forget just about daily and tend to read my devotionals, my scripture cards, facebook, instragram and twitter before I will reach for my big old Bible. Why is that? I think the enemy knows how powerful it really is, so he whispers in our ear “Oh Lindsay, you have read that book before, there isn’t anything new in there, it’s so old what does it really have to offer”

NOW, I know in my head this is SO not true, BUT I think it seeps through my head into my soul and I kindly agree without even thinking.

The same thing happens to me with prayer. I know prayer is powerful, I tend to be one who believes that prayer is more powerful than anything else we could do on earth. But there are those days and more than I care to admit that I think prayer is pointless. In a similar way, I hear these thoughts come through my head that I do hope are not my own saying “Lindsay, God knows what you need and what you want, you don’t have to pray so much, God knows you are tired Lindsay, a quick prayer is ok” and here is the thing, I know there is grace, I have zero doubt about that, but I also know that the enemy lies and wants to water down the power God gives us, the ability to really draw near to God.

As with all things, take it back to God and ask Him for yourself, these are just my wonderings.

My struggle was getting something done for someone who was in desperate need, it was consuming my thoughts, I was trying to figure it out. This morning I felt convicted to pray and give it over to God, not try to control or “figure it out” but Seek first His Kingdom and His righteousness and trust that ALL things (including wisdom and knowledge I assume) will be added unto me.

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