God has GOT THIS…..

Sometimes when I get straight overwhelmed, feelings of all kinds come over me, it hits me out of nowhere and I start to “go places” in my head. I want to cry out for help, I want to call a friend and sometimes I do, but I believe God wants me to call out to Him. He wants me to share my deepest feelings with Him and to KNOW that He is listening and that He cares!

The Bible says that He is a jealous God, not in the way we think of being jealous, but in a way that He is jealous for our attention, He wants us to depend on Him first.

I often have to refocus and remember that my Perfect Heavenly Father is not only standing right beside me but the scripture says he is holding me with His right hand. I have to often tell myself “God has GOT THIS Lindsay” and the truth of the matter is God has GOT ME! In His right hand! Jesus is standing beside me and the Spirit of God (the Holy Spirit) lives in me! I am literally surrounded by Him, the Creator of the Universe!

Literally, He created the Universe. The entire Universe

We tend to skip right by that thought, that Truth, but Genesis 1, the very first verse in the Bible it says:

“In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth

The Heavens and the Earth! Think about that just for a moment!

Maybe for a few moments!

Do you ever just stop and think about how strange it is that the One who created the Universe and everything in it, is with you? Do you ever just look up and focus on God, tell Him you love Him, tell Him you trust Him even with the smallest details?

God sent His son, Jesus, to the earth to ultimately pay the price so that we could have a true, deep, loving, honest, intimate relationship with the living God!

That’s the Good News! It’s that simple!

Jesus took on our sin, our mistakes, our failures,  past, present and future so that the Holy God who created us could and would have a relationship with each one of us!

I think we glaze over it! I think we think it’s no big deal!

I remember one night when it all started to become clear to me, just how REAL God was and how I had missed it for 31 years, I was speechless in front of God, HOW DID I MISS THIS FACT, THIS BEAUTIFUL GIFT all these years?

Like with any relationship, you can get to know the person more and more, I will be honest, I am not an expert in relationships or even close for that matter, but what I am learning is that a relationship is being known fully by someone and fully knowing them and loving them despite it all.

God, the Creator of the Universe wants us to KNOW Him fully, as He already knows us fully and loves us despite it!

Father God is waiting with open arms, His love is unconditional!

This is something I think we should remind ourselves of often!




Let’s Be Astounded

As life gets busy, as your calling becomes clear, as your family grows, and  even your ministry.

There is this tendency to thank the Lord for answering our prayers and giving us the desires of our hearts and then gratefully saying:

“Thank You Lord, I will take care of it from here, I promise to make You proud!”

I believe our intentions are often pure and good, but the truth is, He doesn’t want us to take care of it without Him! He wants us to depend on Him for every single moment of every single day!  He wants us to depend on Him for every single thought that enters our mind and every single project we feel called to pursue.

I am only speaking from experience. I am usually the one who gets so excited when I know God has called me to something and I just want to go ahead and do it!

I want to show Him I am a good and faithful servant.

And off I go skipping along, overwhelmed at this blessing and with the best intention to make Him proud!

Problem usually is: I get ahead of God and then I feel anxious and suddenly stressed, wondering why I am in such unrest? I begin to try to “figure it out” wondering where God is now?

When the truth of the matter is, I went ahead without Him.

He says in the Bible that He is the vine and we are the branches, and if we remain in Him, we will bear much fruit!

The fruits He is referring too is the fruit of the Spirit (the Holy Spirit of God Himself) which is: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness, faithfulness and self control.

Experiencing these consistently comes only if we are constantly connected to the VINE, which is HIM!

What I love about the Bible is that it really is so practical: When I start to freak, get worried, stressed out, wondering what to do next:

1.      I remember Jesus is standing right beside me!

2.      I turn to Him and say “Lord you say Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present my requests to You God.  And Your Peace, which transcends all understanding, will guard my heart and mind in Christ Jesus. (Philippians 4:6-7)

3.      I ask for wisdom, because in James Chapter 1:5 it says “If any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask God, who gives generously to all.”

Ephesians 3:20 says : “Now to Him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us”

His power! At work in us! He doesn’t just say this to say it, it is the truth. Let’s rest for a season, let’s get to know Jesus and let’s listen to where He wants us to walk and eventually what He wants us to accomplish!

Let’s be astounded at what He does through us!
Let’s not take the credit, let’s rest in Him and watch Him work; let’s let all those around us say, “Wow, that’s amazing, how did you do that?” As we confidently smile and say, “Oh let me introduce you to a friend of mine, His name is Jesus and He is the One who accomplishes many great things, not me!




A Date with Jesus

Have you ever taken the 5 Love Languages Test? If not you should try it, it’s free! Go to  and press the “click here to begin”!

Basically what the test is searching for is how YOU uniquely feel and show love!  You tend to LOVE someone the way you feel loved. I think sometimes we assume the way we “feel” loved is the way everyone “feels” loved, but according to this test, that is not necessarily true.  As for me, I am a quality time gal, I feel most loved whether it be family, friends, my future special someone when they want to spend quality time with me, this can look as simple as running errands together or just chatting on the couch, over coffee, uninterrupted just the two of us.

The reason I am writing this is not because I am an expert on love, the reason I am writing this is because last week I got suddenly distracted from my special time with Jesus (my first Love). Like some of you I am a bit of a recovering planner and I use my handy iphone calendar to keep track of commitments. About a year ago I started to put  “Date with Jesus” on my calender at least once or twice a week in an evening slot to not overbook myself and leave the most important One out.

I recently heard about this tv show everyone was loving called Downton Abbey, so last Sunday night at like 10:00pm I started to watch the first episode on Netflix, it was SO good that I continued to watch episode after episode until it was 1:30AM (WHAT?), so I woke a little later than usual on Monday, as I {TRY} to get up early and start my day with Jesus each morning! But because of my staying up late, that particular morning, I only had time for a quick scripture read and prayer and I was out the door, barley noticing Jesus was even with me (which is the point of spending time with Him-I was really just checking it off my list that day), this proceeded all week, every night I got home late, turned on Netflix and watched until the wee late hours, woke up later than usual and quickly said “Hi to Jesus and out the door I went”. Finally on Thursday I had a “Date with Jesus” on the calendar, but I found myself, glancing over facebook, zooming down my  twitter feed and texting with friends (all good and fine) but at the end of the night, I didn’t feel as though I spent much QT (quality time) with anyone, especially the One I intended too.

Here comes Friday, I had another “Date with Jesus” on my calendar, on my way home from work, I felt a nudge to turn off my phone for the evening. As I sat with my journal a few hours later writing out some prayers and thoughts to my Heavenly Father, I realized how unloved I would feel if my husband were to plan a date with me, but the entire time be checking his phone, facebooking, twittering, all while talking with me here and there but not really spending uninterrupted time with me.

I don’t have a husband yet, some of you may not either and that puts us in the perfect position to learn love from Love Himself, it just made me think do I love God the way I want to be loved?

It was liberating to turn off my phone and spend quality time with just Jesus, my soul was refreshed, it was the best place to be, I heard recently at church that love is a choice, I think we all know that, but do we think about it when it comes to loving our Heavenly Father? He of course loves us no matter what, but we get to choose how we show Him our love.

I wrote this article first as a gust blog for LIVE IT OUT BLOG on March 25th but thought it would be helpful for my readers, so wanted to re post here!

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