A Date with Jesus

Have you ever taken the 5 Love Languages Test? If not you should try it, it’s free! Go to www.5lovelanguages.com  and press the “click here to begin”!

Basically what the test is searching for is how YOU uniquely feel and show love!  You tend to LOVE someone the way you feel loved. I think sometimes we assume the way we “feel” loved is the way everyone “feels” loved, but according to this test, that is not necessarily true.  As for me, I am a quality time gal, I feel most loved whether it be family, friends, my future special someone when they want to spend quality time with me, this can look as simple as running errands together or just chatting on the couch, over coffee, uninterrupted just the two of us.

The reason I am writing this is not because I am an expert on love, the reason I am writing this is because last week I got suddenly distracted from my special time with Jesus (my first Love). Like some of you I am a bit of a recovering planner and I use my handy iphone calendar to keep track of commitments. About a year ago I started to put  “Date with Jesus” on my calender at least once or twice a week in an evening slot to not overbook myself and leave the most important One out.

I recently heard about this tv show everyone was loving called Downton Abbey, so last Sunday night at like 10:00pm I started to watch the first episode on Netflix, it was SO good that I continued to watch episode after episode until it was 1:30AM (WHAT?), so I woke a little later than usual on Monday, as I {TRY} to get up early and start my day with Jesus each morning! But because of my staying up late, that particular morning, I only had time for a quick scripture read and prayer and I was out the door, barley noticing Jesus was even with me (which is the point of spending time with Him-I was really just checking it off my list that day), this proceeded all week, every night I got home late, turned on Netflix and watched until the wee late hours, woke up later than usual and quickly said “Hi to Jesus and out the door I went”. Finally on Thursday I had a “Date with Jesus” on the calendar, but I found myself, glancing over facebook, zooming down my  twitter feed and texting with friends (all good and fine) but at the end of the night, I didn’t feel as though I spent much QT (quality time) with anyone, especially the One I intended too.

Here comes Friday, I had another “Date with Jesus” on my calendar, on my way home from work, I felt a nudge to turn off my phone for the evening. As I sat with my journal a few hours later writing out some prayers and thoughts to my Heavenly Father, I realized how unloved I would feel if my husband were to plan a date with me, but the entire time be checking his phone, facebooking, twittering, all while talking with me here and there but not really spending uninterrupted time with me.

I don’t have a husband yet, some of you may not either and that puts us in the perfect position to learn love from Love Himself, it just made me think do I love God the way I want to be loved?

It was liberating to turn off my phone and spend quality time with just Jesus, my soul was refreshed, it was the best place to be, I heard recently at church that love is a choice, I think we all know that, but do we think about it when it comes to loving our Heavenly Father? He of course loves us no matter what, but we get to choose how we show Him our love.

I wrote this article first as a gust blog for LIVE IT OUT BLOG on March 25th but thought it would be helpful for my readers, so wanted to re post here!




God’s precious thoughts about YOU!

“How precious also are God’s thoughts of YOU, how great are the sum of them. If you should count them, they are more in number than the sands by the sea.” Psalm 139: 17-18

I read that this morning, and instead of just skipping by it, I sat and read it over and over again!

Insert your name; try again:

“How precious also are God’s thoughts of YOU __________, how great are the sum of them. If you should count them ___________, they are more in number than the sands by the sea.” Psalm 139: 17-18

How precious are God’s thoughts of ME? When I think of how I use the word precious I think of the most adorable, heart warming things like babies or little old people in love or a really cute dress (just being honest here!)…something that usually melts my heart and makes me fall in love!

How precious are the thoughts of God (Creator of the Universe) towards me? Towards you?

Have you ever REALLY thought about it?

I know a lot of us have read this before; we have seen it quoted here, there and everywhere, but STOP and think about it just for a few moments.

GOD has precious thoughts about you and me that outnumber the sands by the sea.  WHOA

Think for a moment when or if you have been to the beach, just the nearest beach to you. Sand is EVERYWHERE as we try to knock it off our shoes, clean it out of our toes and even our bathing suit bottoms once we get home. It’s everywhere! You can’t seem to escape it.

That’s a LOT of sand and it honestly makes me tear up when I think about how much an ALL KNOWING God who created me, thinks about me! AND, His thoughts about me (and YOU) are precious.

No one else will ever think about me that much, not a husband, not a child, not even my most precious adoring grandmothers (who I think probably adore me more than anyone).  None of them will think about me as much as God, my perfect Heavenly Father, thinks about me.

I just sit here and think, Lord, I am so overwhelmed at this thought, and I am so sorry that my thoughts are all over the place, usually wondering if I can even TRUST YOU.  Who am I kidding?  Who would I rather trust than someone who thinks about me as much as You do?

AND, He made us; He knew we would be just like we are,  He knew I would be disorganized, completely unstructured and somewhat of a mess. These are things that I used to truly hate about myself.  I would often hear in my head, “Lindsay, no one is going to marry you; you are such a disaster.”

BUT, the devil is a LIAR because God knew what He was doing, AND He thinks it’s precious!

He has recently shown me that being disorganized, unstructured and a bit of a mess is not only OK, it is beautiful. It makes me abstract, creative and fun! I am 36 and just started to accept my “faults” recently, because I have realized that it is NOT a surprise to my Heavenly Father that I am like this, not near as much of a surprise as it will be to my future husband! 😉

Oh Lord, please forgive me, forgive me for my unbelief.  I repent Lord from the lies I let into my mind that you are not to be trusted, that you don’t care, that you are not right here beside me, that you are not listening, that you don’t hear my cries. Forgive me for not coming to you first, the One who loves me more than anything or anyone for that matter. YOU Lord, the One who sent His son to DIE a horrible gruesome death for me, OF COURSE YOU LOVE ME, and I love you.  I pray all of this in Your Precious name Jesus!




He will give you rest

The Bible says “28 “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. 29 Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. 30 For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.”

Today was heavy for me, from the news about Rick and Kay Warren, to a dear sister in the hospital right now fighting for her life, to a movement being started because there are so many enslaved in our world. The trafficking that went on this past weekend right outside my house, to those far and wide who don’t know the LOVE and saving grace of Jesus Christ and then those in my own circle of influence who don’t know Him either.

My heart was burdened.

I know God has called me to help make Jesus’ name famous through writing. It is a dream honestly, but today, I felt 100% helpless! Or 100% unhelpful maybe I should say!

I felt paralyzed by all the pain, all there is to do. I felt like what I do isn’t enough!

I give, I pray, I ask God: “Do you want me to move across the world or should I stay and help in my own neighborhood.”

I know He wants me to write, and as I write that very phrase, I think to myself “what good is that doing Lindsay”

Now I realize, the devil is a LIAR and I was listening!  I mean two blogs ago I was writing on how it is so important to stay close to Him and let Him show us. But today, I felt as though I needed to figure it out, I needed to carry the weight of all of these things too.

THEN: I got a text message from a friend who has recently started her walk back towards God, with a new kick in her step, she was encouraged, I could tell! It was the sweetness of God, welcoming His baby girl back home! A perfect Father just loving on His daughter whom had returned home!

Oh, my heart! God is so kind I suddenly remembered.

The Bible says The LORD is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit. Why do I think I have to save them?

At church on Sunday we just talked about when Jesus’s friend Lazarus died and the Bible says in John 11:35 “Jesus wept”

I am comforted by the fact that no matter what happens in all these situations above, Jesus, the Son of God (who is God) cries with us, cries with the ones who cry, the Bible says He is our comforter!

I started to write this blog during my lunch break, as I wrote out the scripture above, I realized “Lindsay, you need to give these burdens to the Lord” they are not for you to carry! Yes, pray, yes give, yes do as God leads, but don’t carry them around with you! “Carry them to Me” said the Lord “and trust I will take care of these also”.

I stepped aside from my day and I prayed, Lord, take these, they are not for me to carry, you will show me, what to do, when to do it, you are my Shepard. I am sorry I “tried to figure it out” AGAIN…

Ah, moment by moment, step by step, when I get overwhelmed I have to remember, He is with me, He will never leave me or forsake me!

I just have to remember, He is there and He will show me!

I figure I am not alone, share below in the comments section your experience in this area!

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