When you wake up discouraged

I woke up this morning thinking so many things depended on me. The burden of confusion was so heavy, my heart was hurting as I thought about all the people I love and what they might be going through, thinking how I could help them.  The feeling of utter hopelessness came over me that this “feeling” was never going to go away.

Like all the sudden I thought I was God and responsible for every person I know and their feelings, bordering on co-dependency here people. I have been through this, I am not going back!

So what do we do when we wake up feeling discouraged?  I have a few thoughts!

1. Turn to God first, even if you don’t feel like it. I turned over to my phone, clicked opened my Bible App. A writing mentor of mine Lysa Terkeurst is coming out with a new book called “The First 5” and she talks about how important it is to give even just your first 5 minutes to the Lord. I love this because not everyone has a ton of time in the morning, but we all get to decide who we give our first few minutes too, facebook? Instagram? (I love instagram) or God? The FREE Bible App (YouVersion) makes this SO easy to at least  read the “Verse of the Day”. My recommendation is to just read it slowly, think about what it really means? Meditate on it for your 1st few moments of your day.

2. Ask for prayer! Don’t be embarrassed. I know it is humbling, but it’s ok. I sent a text out to a few of my sweet friends and asked them to say a prayer. I just needed help out of this ditch I woke up in. And if you don’t have any praying friends, do what I did just this past December. I was so desperate for the Lord to answer my prayers for friends and community here in LA and felt I had bugged my friends back home enough!  I went to the websites of some of my favorite Bible teachers and pressed “request prayer” and literally sent my prayer request into some strangers. I needed help praying. (Guess what, two months later, I had amazing friends here in LA, prayer works)

3. Get out your journal or a piece of paper. This helps me tremendously, I just start to write out my feelings to God. All of them, see He knows EVERYTHING anyway, the good, bad and the ugly, for heaven sakes He knows every hair on your head. Just get really real with Him, He knows every thought and wants to help you.  Putting your feelings on paper can give you clarity.

4. Get on your knees. I didn’t feel like it this morning, I kept hearing the voice in my head say “it’s not going to help Lindsay, you have totally gone backwards, you thought you had such victory, but look at you” IGNORE the voice and the thoughts that are pretending to be yours. Force yourself to get up, get down on you knees, and pray even if it is two words “Father, Help”. He will, He is our ever present help in time of need. Psalm 46:1 (ASV) God is our refuge and strength, A very present help in trouble. Even if you have to yell out scripture or google scripture that you are so in need of to yell out in your house by yourself or with your children, just speak the truth over your life. I know it’s awkward I just did it this morning. But push through the lies, the feelings, they are trying to keep you down.

5. Turn on a GO TOO! I don’t know about you but when I struggle like this in my mind I have a ‘go to’ that I go to!  Joyce Meyer has helped me with matters of the mind more than anyone I can point too. I know if things start getting foggy, it’s time to turn her own and hear the truth of the matter, that the battlefield is in the mind and we are not alone.

Would love to hear your thoughts on this subject, comment below!


3 Comments on “When you wake up discouraged

  1. Amen Lindsay!! This is such an awesome reminder. Thank you for your candidness. Your raw honesty & courage to say it alike it is… well, is a real blessing! Love you so. Thank you!

  2. “..the thoughts that are pretending to be yours” **snap snap** 🙂 Really enjoyed this & I’m glad to be subscribed to your blog.. God bless!

  3. I really appreciate this post it’s what I go through constantly. The Lord has been speaking to me through His Spirit and servants to do just what you said. However, many times I get fed up and say, oh lorsh you’re back here again failure and I wallow in it. I really, really appreciate that in the midst of his you can share and encourage. Thank you so much. Blessings T

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