Strengthen yourself in The Lord

As this year comes to an end, another one is about to begin.

AH! 2016, the goals, the plans, the “time away” trips with God for planning and resolutions, praying and reflecting.

My friend Sarah recently told me about how King David in one of his epic stories in the Bible had to strengthen himself in the Lord. And one of the ways he did so, was to reflect on God’s faithfulness in his life.

I think I rediscovered the power of reflection the other night, when my friend Kelly asked me how I ended up in LA. As I started to recount the years before I moved, I was amazed at how retelling the story in it’s entirety was like watching a movie of my own life. At points I was shocked as I noticed God’s faithfulness to keep me going in the direction He had for me despite my often imperfect cooperation and my out right, “Jonah moments”.

Our God was faithful to turn me back around when I went the wrong direction and calm my anxious thoughts when I straight up, freaked out.

He seems to confirm things in amazing ways. He teaches and disciplines like a good Father, and loves us through it all. He gives us a tad bit of the story and then watches us try to make it happen or figure it out and then quietly says “oh dear child I never asked you to figure it out, I asked you to trust Me”

OH FOR HEAVEN’S SAKE. I am thankful that You are gracious Lord and full of mercy because I am sometimes (often) a wandering, controlling soul.

I think it’s fun and EYES wide open crazy to get out your Instagram, go back to the beginning of 2015 and recount the time you have had, the good, bad and ugly, the learning from each season, the little or maybe BIG victories you encountered.

It will encourage you that:

A.     He is with you always, through it all

B.     He is in control even if you think you are

C.     He does it in and through us and has many things to show us along the journey

D.     He ultimately is the One to trust here on this earth, mainly because He really created it.

Let’s reflect, let’s use social media to help us walk down memory lane with Jesus, let’s retell the story of our year, to ourselves, so we can be encouraged for the year ahead.

Emmanuel means God with us! That is the very gift of Christmas.

We love you Jesus, thank you for being with us, we can’t do it without you.

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