Insecurity, ZITS & How the Truth Will Set You FREE!

I guess I apologize for myself a lot.

I didn’t even realize, until my awesome friend Jen was like “Lindsay, stop apologizing for yourself and everything you say, you do that a lot, girl that is insecurity”

“Ohhh!” I thought

“That’s what it is?”

Thankfully by God’s grace I heard her through the lens of love and wanting freedom for me, not in an “ouch that hurt, now I am going to go feel sorry for myself” kind of way, which, friends, is what I use to do.

Victory! Yay!

We really do need to learn to celebrate the small victories in our lives. #DontWaitToCelebrate my Hope Healers would say, from Hope Heals Ministry

It was about 8 months ago during a prayer time at church that this amazing lady (Jamie, you know who you are) walked up to me and said “God loves your tender heart Lindsay, but He is going to strengthen you”

I thought, “sounds good Lord, have your way” although at the time I didn’t know what that even meant.

Looking back, I see how God has been working out issues of unworthiness, fear and now insecurity in my life. He is strengthening me, He is taking off layers of lies that were holding me down. And without the help of a brave friend, I don’t know that I would have pinpointed that my unnecessary apologizing was a sign of lacking confidence that my opinion even mattered.

In the past I would have been deeply offended by someone calling me insecure and I personally think offense is a crafty tool in the devil’s hand.

If we are offended by a true word, we won’t see it as something that can actually set us free. If the devil can keep us offended, that keeps us in bondage.

Side Note: 

Obviously not everything someone says to you is from the Lord. We are human, people are super average at best, but they (because of the Holy Spirit inside of them) are connected to a supernatural God. But it’s always best that you check these things with your Supernatural Father and His amazing Word.

In this scenario, when my friend Jen said “Lindsay that is insecurity” it was like my eyes were opened to a truth that I believe God wanted me to see. Our security comes from Him, we lack nothing in Him, therefore, this was inline with His Word without question.

I went home and thought about it, I prayed and asked God to show me how to get past this, I looked the definition up on google, and wondered to myself “what is insecurity anyway?”

lack of confidence or assurance; self-doubt: (the dictionary said)

“YUCK, let’s get rid of it.” I thought.

My friend Jen, who isn’t going to candy coat anything, said to me the next week “Lindsay, I can totally see a change in you, you didn’t apologize once for yourself tonight, it was stunning, you are stunning” and I knew she meant it. I knew God had done something already.  Then a day later another friend said to me  “Lindsay, your true beauty is coming out, you seem so much more confident”. And then  just a few days after that a sweet brother of mine said  “Lindsay, you look beautiful, it’s like a confidence has come from the inside out and it looks good on you.”

I was like, WHOA, I think something has happened here!

And to top it off I have had the biggest zits on my face these past few weeks while all of this is going on, which coincidentally (wink wink) has always been one of my deepest insecurities, externally anyway.

What I think my friends saw, was inner healing manifesting on the outside, big zits and all.

Yes, huge zits, ugh, I am doing this super healthy cleanse my sister (aka editor and mother to my favorite two little people on earth) has me on. I think it is really working, cleaning all the yuck out, from the inside out and well for a short time it is all appearing on my face.

Oh the strange parallel.

What about you? Has a friend (or a stranger) said something to you that just might be from the Lord? To help you? To free you? I suggest praying into it, see if there might be a little lesson inside,  just for you? And if you feel offended, check the “why” behind that, you never know what you might find.

He is a good good Father! He wants us free, friends, from all the lies and entanglement that this world can so easily help us become ensnared too!

Whew, let’s do this, FREEDOM!

One Comment on “Insecurity, ZITS & How the Truth Will Set You FREE!

  1. I took some notes regarding this article your site is a blessing I love to learn so I can teach my children.
    I also was very insecure and I didn’t had any reason to be.I apologized a lot during my life not when you are kind and always did the best you could.Never ones I heard certain person apologize it could be a lack of respect too. I don’t like not to apologize if I felt I had too. Also I feel that proud people that has huge ego don’t like to apologise. Would you please answer my comment in my email thank you.
    May God bless you always. Keep up the good work.

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