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The Story of School:

When you think you are going in one direction and then everything changes. I felt the word “Plot Twist” come to my mind.

It wasn’t what I thought or planned to be honest, but in His divine wisdom I ended up moving 8 hours north to a sweet little mountain town in California just about a month ago. With the wise counsel of those around me and some who had gone before me, I decided to take part in a year of school to learn more about what God may have for me to do on this earth.

I believe Jesus calls us all to play a part in His story one way or another. Mainly because He loves His people (humanity) so very much and wants them to know and be in a relationship with Him. I know this part looks different for everyone, for so many of you it is raising your children, for some, it is being a great spouse and for others, it is being a great boss or great employee, and yet for some, it is all four of these and for that I commend you. 🙂 We all have different resources in different seasons of life and at 40 and single I have the resource of time. And I truly believe He wanted me to take a step in this direction to learn more about Him, His love for humanity and my part in it all.

He has provided in miraculous ways already, I am so grateful. From a great deal on the housing to the generosity of others to work He has provided for me through freelancing.

I have managed to pay 75% of my tuition, but would humbly ask for your help with the last 25%. I have 1,395.00 left to pay.

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Also, as part of our schooling, we are sent out on mission trips. Students are being sent out all over the world to preach the good news of Jesus Christ and demonstrate His power. My team is staying local and headed to the streets of Seattle. I am thrilled as my leader is one of the most Jesus loving people I have ever experienced and his love for people is something I have never really seen before. To get the opportunity to learn from this man is a privilege of its own. This is an additional cost and I would be so grateful for your help in this too.

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God has been providing a lot through freelance work and I am SO VERY GRATEFUL. Please continue to pray for His provision and send my website out www.LindsayMorganSnyder.com to anyone who needs a freelance writer or web designer.

Feel free to message me with any questions. Love to you all.

Thank you Thank you Thank you!



My name is Lindsay Morgan Snyder and this is my blog, I named it “Putting the Pencil Down” because I find it is easier said or typed on the top of a blog than done.  I want to discuss the struggle, the grace and the expectant heart of a moment by moment surrender to the One who Created the Universe, the Author and Perfecter of our Faith, writing His story for you and I, as we put the pencil into His capable hands and walk forward with Him, step by step……. moment by moment!

This blog is about the struggle of Letting God be God…. trying to stay in the moment, be present, instead of planning our life away, stopping to BE STILL AND KNOW THAT HE IS GOD, instead of waiting and wishing for the next “thing”……vacation, a spouse, a spouse who loves better, a baby, a grand-baby, a different house, the weekend, the end of the work day. Whatever it is, we just want and want and want the next thing…. We forget that God created the Universe, the entire Universe and He wants a relationship with each one of us, He has a plan and purpose for our life, if we would just TRUST Him and stop trying to control everything we  9F0A1069cwould see as He leads! I am talking to myself here, it is a moment by moment choice I have to make to give the pencil back to my Maker, the One who created me in my mother’s womb and knew me before time began, who planned and purposed my life already. Put the Pencil Down Lindsay….. Put.it.Down and just TRUST.

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A little bit about me!

I am long winded, I tell super detailed stories, I love airplanes, I am from Ohio, lived in Atlanta, GA for 8 precious years where I met Jesus and moved to Los Angeles kind of on a wing and a prayer believing God for some reason wanted me here. I love adventure and I write because it heals my soul, and my prayer is that reading it will help heal yours!

I write a lot, see other writings here: Lindsay’s Professional Website

I have a bunch of sisters, not all biological, but all from God!

My dream is to travel around the world to many different cultures, sit with the people, tell them about Jesus and write their stories for the world to read!

I was a hot mess for 31 years of my life,  stumbling (literally) in and out of bars and clubs in various cities around the country. I KNOW God meets people where they are, because I distinctly remember a specific evening in a bar in a bathroom where I thought to myself  “is this really it, is this what life is about, surely, it can’t be” I was probably having my first conversation with God, I don’t think I realized it at the time, but I look back on the moment and believe God was there and was listening. It was many more years before I finally listened to what God had to say and then the journey began, my love affair with Jesus. When you live 31 years in desperate need of love and then find it, you just can’t stop talking about it. That’s me and Jesus!

I hope you know Him and if you don’t, email me, I would be excited to tell you about Him!