before Haiti….

This is the blog post I wrote for our team blog while in Haiti, I wrote our first blog for the trip, so if you want to see how the week ended up use this link…. . Blessings.. Lindsay

July 7, 2011
for such a time as this……
For some getting on the plane will be where it starts, for some the moment we get off the plane in Haiti the emotions begin, but to be honest the emotion started for me a couple weeks back..… don’t misunderstand, God has shown up in the MOST unbelievable ways, but as the trip drew closer, the “things” I had to get done weighed heavier on my mind, the endless shopping trips, the shots, the pills, the calls to the insurance company, the constant checking of my “fundraising page” then the LIST (packing list that is—did I mention 3 pages) the whole thing just about overwhelmed me… I think getting on the Marta (subway system) tomorrow morning at 5:15am to head to the airport (ps I am not a morning person) will be the BIGGEST relief and sense of excitement I can imagine…… I cannot EVEN wait…I cannot wait for the preparation to be over and for all that we have prepared for to be HERE… It is what I imagine a wedding is like…. Take note: I am on the “Buckhead Single Leaders Trip” so I have not yet experienced this, a wedding, but I imagine this time of preparation is what it would feel like, the closer the big day gets the more stressful life seems to get, but that day will come and go pretty fast with so many memories and wonderful moments of celebration…. Much like I think this trip will be. I imagine when it is time to return home, as happy as we will be to come back to the homeland, we will look back and think:
What was I so stressed about before the trip?
I can’t believe it is over….
But then we will look forward to what God has next for the season ahead…. As I write this I think about the day when Jesus returns, we (His people) are in a time of preparation right now… life as we all know can get overwhelming and stressful at times, but just like a wedding or a trip such as this, when that day comes, we will probably be filled with the same relief and excitement as we will be ready for the next season in eternity with Jesus…. So with all that said, I can’t wait for you to follow our team on this journey as we follow His lead … each day you will hear from a different team member… there are 9 of us standing strong and we will be blogging every day for the next 9 days… so follow us… pray for us and our Haitian friends (we would greatly appreciate that)… and watch what our amazing Heavenly Father does while we are in Haiti……
Oh ps….. if you are a tweeter, follow us @GlobalxHaiti on twitter, our fearless leader Chris Woodruff will be updating often!
In His Love,
Lindsay Morgan Snyder

all the people

Sitting in a starbucks with my computer, internet on, facebook up, twitter feed going, water and sandwich to my left, phone in my bag and a window to my world right in front of me. Seated in a VERY comfy chair with air conditioning blowing AND sun beaming in through the big window, watching all the people passing by, different colors, different shapes and sizes, busy and relaxed, tired and energized, people literally from every walk. All so BLESSED no matter what their current suffering might be. I am pretty sure I am going to get a swift kick of perspective leaving for what most would say is the poorest country in the world on Friday. I use to wonder how to make sense of it all, the rich vs. the POOR but my perspective was so small, maybe it started in elementary school, the kids who didn’t have money for lunch and the kids who were dressed to the nine’s… I just remember wondering ‘WHY” … I am afraid I will wonder the same thing when I get to Haiti just a short plane ride from Miami, so close geographically yet such DIFFERENT problems from us, well from what I hear…. I have not seen with my own eyes…. Anyway…. My heart is heavy as I head that way… not sure what to expect, not sure I will be able to handle the labor ahead, not sure if I will be able to handle the heat those people live in all year around, not sure what next week brings… but I know the Lord is with me, I trust Him, yes because the Bible says too but also because there is no one else to trust with all of life…..of course we trust our families and friends but we are all broken people and will make mistakes and disappoint each other….… I am putting all my Hope in the One who rose from the dead, the one who is still being talked about 2,000 years after His death, the One who some think was just a Jewish carpenter.  See that doesn’t make sense to me anymore, why would anyone STILL talk about a Jewish carpenter from 2,000 years ago unless He was real…. Unless people experienced Him first hand and that is why He (Jesus) has carried on through generations….So that is what started me on my search for the TRUTH…. That question right there, why are people still talking about a Jewish carpenter  from 2,000 years ago…..I decided to look into the Bible myself, rather than listen to everyone around me, I thought it made sense to check it out for myself, study it and see just what happens…. And it was amazing what did…

it’s a relationship

What I am starting to realize is that like any relationship, a relationship with God requires the same thing that any relationship requires…. If you think of those you are closest too, what is it that relationship requires? In my life, it is usually some form of constant communication, time spent, conversations had, love exchanged, text messaging, facebooking, twitter mentions, emails, phone calls, time to just hang out and be with each other.. WELL guess what, God wants the same thing from us…

Here is the thing, for a relationship to be strong, it requires time…nothing more…if you love that person you want to spend time with them, you enjoy them, you can’t get enough of them….

That is how God feels about each one of us, whether you believe that our not……it is TRUE, He sent His son to die for our sins so that we could be forgiven and in a relationship with Him that qualifies as love in my book….. He wants to spend time with us…. He loves us…. He wants to just be with us, because He loves us THAT MUCH…despite ourselves…despite our imperfections. I often spend good quality time just “being” with God and it is so awesome, then I get busy, stressed, all the things of this world and well, I forget about God…. It unfortunately takes something that really stresses me out to remember I need to be loved on by God… So the next morning, I wake up early, I sit with Him, just focusing on what He wants to tell me, I may pray to Him and then listen, I may put on some great music and worship Him, I may cry out to Him if things have gotten really bad, I usually thank Him because in everyday there are blessings, even in the tough ones….if I can’t think of anything to thank Him for, I thank Him for the home I live in, the car I drive, the clean water I drink…. I tell Him I trust in Him and trust Him…for I know He is good, even when I don’t understand what is going on around me…….

So that is all I have for today… just a short note on how much God loves us and how much he wants us to choose Him…. Seek Him…. The Bible (which I believe to be the Word of God) says “You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart” Jeremiah 29:13 (NIV)

Another Day on the Journey

Easter Sunday… as a kid I never really understood what Easter was all about, don’t get me wrong I LOVED waking up on Easter Sunday getting all dressed up with my cousin in our fancy dresses and our super precious hats and even little white gloves, uhm yeah, we were pretty cute…… I loved looking for my Easter basket not only at my house, but then over to grams to find Easter eggs and more presents. We were very fortunate kids… but I have to say I didn’t really understand what the holiday was exactly, not for lack of being told, I remember the story books, coloring activities at church, I am sure my family told me, but if I am being honest, I found myself in church just three years ago thinking, “wait Jesus was real, this really happened”– for some reason I honestly thought it was a fairy tail, a nice church story, but I never thought of it like actually “history”…..

3 years ago on Easter, I heard the story told again, so compelling, how there are 40 different authors that contributed to the Bible. I didn’t know that…. How it all correlates, even though written by different people, I am not going to “explain” it like Pastor Andy did back in 2008, but it was undeniable at that point. I finally saw it; it finally made sense beyond explanation. The pastor (still my pastor today) led the church in a prayer, he then asked, if you prayed this prayer for the first time today to give your life to Jesus stand up, I DID NOT WANT TO STAND UP, I was in the back by myself, but I felt this overwhelming feeling and I just stood up. The crowd clapped—there were lots of us that they were clapping for, I felt a little funny and then as I left this nice man behind me said “Congratulations” I thought to myself “for what”…… Well three years later I can tell you that it was the most significant decision I have ever made in my life, as I have studied and learned more about the character of God through the Bible and first hand experienced His undeniable work in my heart and my life. I can now see this moment in history for what is really was, God sending His son down to pay for ALL of our sins on the cross, it sounds weird, but the more I learn about it and the more of God’s love I experience, it is not weird at all, it is incredible and amazing. I am reading the Old Testament of the Bible and it talks all about the sacrifices that were made for sins of people like us BEFORE Jesus, who knew, it is crazy. All I know is as I was reading it I literally thought to myself, Thank goodness; I was born after Jesus came because I surly would have messed up all the rules and regulations the folks of the Old Testament had to deal with… whoa….
Here is a place to hear more… from the experts….

Hello world!

so, this Blog… is going to be about what I have learned and what I am still learning about life, love and the pursuit!  the pursuit of what??? Well, that is up to you! Whatever you are pursuing! For me, that is my relationship with the Creator of Everything, who better to pursue right? I mean let’s REALLY take a sec to think about it….  If God did create it all, everything, everyone, ALL things, then why would we waste our time reading, listening or seeking anything else. You may think that is a “little much”…..but is it??…. I mean seriously… I spent 31 years of my life pursing EVERYTHING else, money, popularity, FUN, success, love, friendship, the right parties, the right clothes, the right job, I was literally bouncing around looking for something, but I had no idea I was looking for anything, I just thought it was life……. I would talk about it a lot, “the meaning of life” I would say to my friend on the porch “is this it, is this what we are suppose to be doing???”…I am not going to lie, it was fun, BUT it never satisfied me. I always thought there must be more—– or something I am missing in life??? So at 29 I decided it was time for a change.. I knew there was more to life and I thought I was just in the wrong location, so I moved to Atlanta- just thought it would be cool- nothing much more than that…… After I found the most perfect place to live in the most perfect trendy area, I was invited to all the most fancy of events in town and met a lot of  “mover and shaker” types – cool people–smart– trendy– I found myself heartbroken just 4 months later, ALL ALONE crying in my bed. Crying out to a God???? Please understand, God was this big person in the sky who was busy dealing with MUCH bigger issues than my little life…. I believed in Him, if you would have asked me, but that was about it… I didn’t even know, but I was SO alone, I had no one else to cry too… so what the heck….

That is when it all started….. my relationship with God… everything started to change…. everything… it has been 5 years… it took me about 2 years of exploring around to really start to understand and Love who God really was, but that faithful day in my loft in Midtown, in my bed, crying so hard I could hardly breathe, God answered me…. “I am right here”….